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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Everyone Started Jumping Edition

Double-T Nation News:

One quick mention this morning, ESPN has done a number of articles to celebrate Black History Month and the are on the front page of ESPN's college football page. The two excellent articles that I've read this morning are Tim Griffin's piece about Iowa State's Jack Trice and Mark Schlabach's article on Florida State's Calvin Patterson. Think about this for a second, ISU's first African-American football player debuted in 1923 while FSU's first African-American football player hit the field in 1968. That's 45 very long years.

From a Texas Tech perspective, does anyone know who was Texas Tech's first African-American player? I've done a quick Google search and imagine that I'll need to go to the media guide, but any help from DTN's readers would be much appreciated.

Update [2008-2-16 14:28:43 by Seth C]: I've had two DTN readers confirm that the first African-American football player at Texas Tech was Danny Hardaway. I'll try and research a little on Mr. Hardaway and write a post sometime this week. Thanks for the two emails, they were much appreciated.

Don't be afraid to check out DTN's good friends at Crimson and Cream Machine for OU v. Texas Tech coverage.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has a preview of today's game (DTN's preview and open game day thread to be posted later today) a hint that PK is going to do something special today (so get there early) and an article about how Texas Tech needs a win against OU to validate the win against K-State. PK on needing this win:

"You've got to validate that win by winning the next one," said Knight, who also said he has another surprise for today's pre-game festivities. "If we don't get this win, that one doesn't mean anything. Plus, we haven't won two in a row in conference all season."

Texas Tech's assistant coach Stew Robinson has a thought on what we might expect this afternoon:

"We want our guys to drive to the basket, get them in foul trouble," Robinson said. "We want them to play with emotion and energy. We don't want them to be satisfied with the one victory and we've talked about that a lot."

DMN's Brandon George focuses on the postive changes that PK is making at Texas Tech to get the crowd involved. PK on those changes:

"My whole goal is I want to get the fans to enjoy this, not just the way we play, but get them fired up," Knight said after Tech upset No. 18 Kansas State, 84-75. "I don't care if 10 people show up for a game, I want them to be the loudest 10 people who are there."

Also, how about this, PK apparently chose the Rocky theme song and Jump Around:

"Rocky because everyone thinks we're the underdog anyway," Pat said, "and 'Jump Around' because when I was in college, when you were in a bar and that came on, everyone started jumping. It gets you going. I just want to get these students going so they will come back and just enjoy coming to these games."

I'd love to take a look at PK's iPod just to see what's in the rotation.

Good stuff from Brandon George this morning.

FWST's Dwain Price's article focuses on surging freshman forward Mike Singletary. Singletary on Big 12 play and playing OU's freshman phenom, Blake Griffin:

"I thought the Big 12 was going to be real physical coming in, because it's probably the most physical conference in America," Singletary said. "But it's been a lot more physical than I actually thought it was going to be.

"Kansas State was a prime example of that. [Bill] Walker and [Michael] Beasley, they're so strong that you just have to be ready to play with them, and we did a good job of playing with them."


"I've been playing against Blake for a while, all the way back to AAU ball," Singletary said. "He's a big, strong athlete who demands double-teams. We're going to have to fight our butts off just to do exactly what we did to Beasley.."

Texas Tech Baseball:

Congrats to junior outfielder Roger Kieschnick who was named to Baseball America's Second-Team Preseason All-American.