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Preview and Open Game Day Thread: Oklahoma v. Texas Tech


The Oklahoma Sooners (16-8, 4-5) v. The Texas Tech Red Raiders (13-10, 4-5)

Saturday, February 16, 2008 @ 3:00 p.m.


The Numbers:

Texas Tech
K.P. Rank*
106.8 (101)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency*
113.0 (40)
90.6 (33)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency*
92.5 (45)
Points Scored

I've added a poll to today's game so make sure and vote! Click the "Entry Link" to vote. The three points is the current spread for the game.

Keys to the Game:

  1. Key on Griffins: It's no secret that Blake is an absolute monster and probably comparable in talent to Beasley. The Red Raiders didn't have to face Blake in the first matchup and Taylor ended up having one of his best games of the season. I can't imagine that PK will employ the exact same defensive philosophy on the Griffin (2-3 zone with lots of help and double teams coming from the baseline), but I would expect PK to throw something at them they haven't seen. It will be interesting to see how PK will game plan for two stud frontcourt players two games in a row. I'd imagine that Capel had the Sooners working on passing the ball out of a double team and getting a clean shot.
  2. Work for Voskuil: It's clear that PK wants Voskuil to be a more important cog in the offense and after Wednesday's win over K State I think Capel will make it a point to make sure that Voskuil doesn't get as many good looks. Thus, Voskuil's teammates are going to have to work to get him open. If Voskuil is hitting his shots then Texas Tech's offense opens up so much and makes it easier for Singletary and Zeno to get their points.
  3. Calm Roberson: Roberson was most effective when he is hitting the outside shot. I'd love to see Roberson hit some quick early buckets, but I think the key for Roberson is for him to not force the issue. If he has a good shot then take it, otherwise, it's better to defer. Don't get too anxious. Roberson still hasn't mastered how to score in the paint or get the foul call in Big 12 play and that may come with a little more experience, but forcing bad shots isn't going to get this offense going any easier. Things will open up for Roberson if he can run the break and involve his teammates, even if it's part of the secondary break, but his opportunities will happen, just let it happen naturally.

Probable Starting Lineups: If Longar starts then Rizvic starts, if not, then look for Suljagic.

Texas Tech Ht. Wt. Pos. Yr. PPG RPG APG
John Roberson 5-11 165 G Fr. 12.4 2.7 3.5
Alan Voskuil 6-3 175 G Jr. 12.9 4.0 1.3
Martin Zeno 6-5 208 G/F Sr. 16.0 4.5 2.7
Mike Singletary 6-5 226 F Fr. 8.2 3.3 1.1
Damir Suljagic 6-8 245 F Jr. 4.4 3.8 0.8
Esmir Rizvic 7-1 252 C Sr. 3.3 2.1 0.2
Oklahoma Ht. Wt. Pos. Yr. PPG RPG APG
Austin Johnson 6-3 165 G Jr. 8.1 2.9 2.5
Tony Crocker 6-6 193 G So. 11.3 4.4 2.3
Tony Neysmith 6-5 203 F Fr. 0.7 0.8 0.4
Taylor Griffin 6-7 230 F Jr. 6.9 4.6 1.0
Blake Griffin 6-10 243 F Fr. 14.9 8.5 2.0

This is your open game day thread so feel free to sign up for a free account and leave all predictions, comments and thoughts about the game here.


*Stats can be found Ken Pomeroy, via Basketball Prospectus: K.P. Rank = the Ken Pomeroy Rank; Offensive Efficiency = the national rank in terms of points scored per 100 possessions; Defensive Efficiency = the national rank in terms of points allowed per 100 possession. Numbers in parentheses are national rank.


Predict the outcome of the Oklahoma game.

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  • 33%
    Texas Tech, by 3 or more.
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  • 33%
    Texas Tech, by 3 or less.
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  • 22%
    Oklahoma, by 3 or more.
    (2 votes)
  • 11%
    Oklahoma, by 3 or less.
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