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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - We Can Play With Anybody Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I over-slept this morning so I'm running a little late. I apologize in advance if the quality isn't there.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. Inside the Hall thinks Kelvin Sampson needs to go. Last night I asked if IU would trade Sampson for Pat Knight, with their current resumes. I'm pretty sure I'd make that trade.
  2. DMN blogger Tim MacMahon thinks that this is a perfect opportunity for RMK to go back to IU. I just can't see that happening, at least right now, but things are unfolding a little too nicely to be coincidental.
  3. Barking Carnival notes that players and "coaches" on the field will receive a 5 yard penalty.
  4. Ken Pom gives you three candidates for the Final Four, one of those teams included Kansas State.
  5. One more note on Sampson, the Indy Star wants something to happen sooner rather than later. Sampson is a joke of a coach who thinks he's above the rules. IU is too good for Sampson.

Texas Tech Basketball:

ESPN highlights can be found here.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game story from last night's win over K-Stateand Pat Knight's first win at Texas Tech and as a collegiate head coach. Pat seemed pretty happy last night:

"I've got to thank my staff and my players, who did just an unbelievable job," said Knight, who was greeted in the locker room after the game by his predecessor and father, Bob, Tech athletic director Gerald Myers and chancellor Kent Hance. "They've done an unbelievable job for two weeks. Even though we lost our first two games, two road games, these kids have given me everything they have every day in practice. ... That's the reason we won this game, my staff and my players."

Martin Zeno, who was sick with the flu, came up big last night scoring in and around the paint:

"We just go out there and compete and do the best we can," said senior Martin Zeno, who was receiving intravenous fluids right up until warmups as he battled the flu, which he initially denied having but almost kept him from playing according to his head coach. "We know we can play with anybody. We've just got to go out there and follow the game plan and just do what the coaches ask us to do."

Walker also writes about the fans welcoming PK, as well as the pre-game introductions.

DMN's Brandon George writes his game review from the win over the Wildcats. Voskuil liked getting the win for PK and appreciated the new player introductions:

"Man, it feels great. I love Pat. He's the one who recruited me," Voskuil said, "so it feels good to do something for him for once."


"That felt great, coming out fired up," Voskuil said. "It got the crowd into it."

An excellent review of the game.

The Kansas City Star's Howard Richman notes that the K-State players know that they only held the lead in the Big 12 for 48 hours. I also thought that this quote from Voskuil about the Beasley technical foul was interesting:

"When he got the (technical) foul, that put him overboard," said Voskuil, who helped Texas Tech improve to 13-10 and 4-5 and win its seventh straight at home. "He started going crazy. He wasn't playing like the way he usually played."

Raiderade gives you a first-hand account of last night's game.

Texas Tech Football:

Kayakyakr picked this up yesterday and The Wiz has something on it this morning, but here's the bad news for college football fans:

The most controversial has to do with the game clock after a player runs out of bounds. Under the old rule, the game clock would not start until the ball was snapped on the next play. Under the new rule, once the ball is ruled ready for play, the official will start the game clock. This will will not apply in the last two minutes of each half.

Yes, someone should be fired. College football games are not too long, they're perfect. Stop effing with the game we love.