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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - I Gave It A Shot Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I don't like to shamelessly promote Double-T Nation and I don't think I pat myself on the back too often, but I would like to note that DTN is nominated for Best Big 12 Blog in the 2007 College Football Bloggers Awards and now, bloggers can vote. By the way, you can also vote for The People's Champion over at EDSBS (the first link).

In no particular order, DTN's Top Five:

  1. Today is National Pancake Day and from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., you can go to you local IHOP and get you a free short stack (of course, IHOP would also like a small donation to the Children's Miracle Network). Free pancakes. Wooooo!
  2. Nick Saban oversigned recruits last week, signing 32 players when the annual limit is 25. Hat-tip to The Wiz.
  3. The Fulmuer Cup is updated and Missouri is running a close second.
  4. Excellent piece from SMQ, breaking down the dollars received by a school versus the dollars received by a football player. More about how this relates to Texas Tech below.
  5. Check out post-game reactions from last night's great game between the Longhorns, Burnt Orange Nation, and the Jayhawks, Rock Chalk Talk. I really thought UT was going to get their arse handed to them.

Texas Tech Basketball:

How about Pat Knight Day in Lubbock. Thankfully, PK has a pretty good attitude about the whole thing:

"I've never heard of a coach with a losing record having a day, but I really appreciate the support," Pat Knight said. "This isn't an easy thing we're doing, taking this over and getting things going, but it's great having that kind of support.

"If I get a win, do I get a street named after me?"

That is one thing that I love about Lubbock and Texas Tech, they will welcome you with open arms.

Hat-tip to DMN's college blogger Chuck Carlton for the link to The Rocky Mountain News article on PK. The more I read about PK, the more like what I read:

"I never wanted to come down here and take over for dad," Knight said Monday on the Big 12 Conference coaches' weekly teleconference. "But I liked Lubbock, the people, the university (and) I got the offer a couple of years ago to take over for dad.

"I started thinking, `Why worry about what people think, following in his shoes' . . . I thought, what the hell, I like it here so much, why leave it?"

He didn't, and when Bob Knight, 67, surprised the hoops world last week by stepping down, Pat Knight, 37, already was there to step up - just like Bob and Texas Tech's administration planned.

"How many guys at 37 would love to be a Big 12 head coach?" Pat Knight asked. "I put all that in perspective (and) I just can't turn it down. No matter what happens, I gave it a shot. I don't think I'd have been able to live with myself had I taken a different route, a safer route, going to a smaller school or working it that way."

Texas Tech Financials:

I don't have just a ton of time to delve into all of this information this morning, but the Indy Star has the financial reports for every NCAA institution, which includes both the income and expenses for each team. You'll have to pick Texas Tech, but I think you'll be interested in a bunch of the numbers and I have a ton of questions.

Lots of interesting information.