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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Settling for Outside Shots Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Sorry that I didn't get up the review over the weekend. I'm going to try and finish it during my lunch hour. I just got lazy last night after watching the game.

In no particular order, DTN's Top Six:

  1. Zebbie L. over at Flags Over Raiderland noted one good play by Rizvic on Saturday.
  2. Did Colt McCoy commit a recruiting violation in texting Darrell Scott?
  3. The Wiz also noted that we could have had a LSU/Texas Tech matchup. But of course, we don't know if this was a 1 game matchup with LSU not reciprocating to Lubbock.
  4. BON takes a look at this week in the Big 12.
  5. Big hat-tip to Corn Nation, but did you know that there's a website dedicated to the Spread offense, appropriately called I haven't had much time to read much of it, so tell me what you think.
  6. Bring On The Cats responds to K-State signing 19 Juco's in their latest recruiting class. Good read.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker notes that Texas Tech settled for too many 3-point shots in the loss to Nebraska on Saturday. Here's Walker on this team's woes:

Prior to Saturday's 73-62 loss to Nebraska, head coach Pat Knight said the team has a tendency of settling for outside shots, particularly on the road.

The Red Raiders settled once again against the Cornhuskers.

As Nebraska was building a 12-point first-half lead, which eventually reached 18 in the second half, Tech was tying a season-high for 3-point attempts.

The last time the Red Raiders attempted this many from beyond the arc (18), they upset Gonzaga in the Great Alaska Shootout. Back then, Tech shot 44 percent. Against the Huskers, Tech shot just 22 percent.

The Red Raiders attempted 11 3-pointers in the first half - making two - and 18 more from inside the arc. Tech only went to the line four times before the break.

DMN's Chip Brown writes that the Big 12 is showing that it's a strong conference (despite the team playing in scarlet and black) and turns in his Big 12 Men's Basketball Midseason Report.

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson focuses on the improvement of Texas Tech outfielder Roger Kieschnick. Watson notes that Kieschnick should have an easier year because he should have someone hitting in front of and behind him:

Tech's enhanced lineup should help. Last season, players hitting in front of and behind Kieschnick struggled for a large part of the season. At one point the Red Raiders were so desperate to generate offense they placed Kieschnick in the leadoff spot for six games.

Now, however, an extended fall practice period due to the later spring starting date allowed the Tech coaching staff to further define roles. Kieschnick appears to have much more help with Doug Thennis' high on-base percentage ahead of him in the lineup, Chris Richburg building on a solid second half of 2006 and his Texas Collegiate League MVP performance, plus the addition of catcher Monk Kreder and infielder Tanner Rindels behind him.