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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Baseball Season Begins Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Finally, there will be a game to discuss tomorrow. Tip-off against the OSU Cowboys is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. and will be on ESPN for your viewing pleasure. I'll have a preview and open game day thread up tomorrow morning. I may not be around for the game as I promised my Dad I'd help him build fence, but it's already scheduled on the Tivo so I'll watch it one way or another.

I love history and came across this article from the blog The Black Fives Blog on Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson, who apparently was a great basketball player in addition to being a great baseball player. I, of course, passed this on to our friends at Bruins Nation (Robinson went to college at UCLA). Yesterday was Jackie Robinson's birthday and if you enjoy history then click on those links and take the time to read about Mr. Robinson.

Texas Tech Basketball:

On Yahoo! Sports, there is a Texas Tech team report (no author or source). I would assume this is from Rivals, but again, no source.

FWST's Mike Jones has his Big 12 Basketball Insider, and mentions Texas Tech at the end of the article, but mainly focuses on the Longhorns' loss to Aggie.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his Big 12 Extra (which can really only be read via a pdf), discusses the Griffin brothers leading the Sooners in the Big 12

Texas Tech Baseball:

It's going to start off a little chilly today, but it is supposed to warm up to 63 degrees and this should be a great day to go watch the Red Raiders' baseball team's first practice, today at 2:15 p.m.. LAJ's George Watson talks about how the NCAA has condensed the season by a month, and forced the Red Raiders to change up how they approach the season:

The Red Raiders approached the fall by conducting a very aggressive and competitive period. In the past, the fall would determine who could do what, then roles would be defined the first few weeks of the spring semester. This time, however, the Red Raiders determined roles during the fall, then used the rest of that semester and the first few weeks of this semester on individual drills.

There are still a few questions on the infield, but the biggest concern, as always, is pitching. That pitching will be tested quickly as the Red Raiders plan three straight days of six-inning scrimmages on the new FieldTurf at Dan Law Field.

"Once the season starts we won't have but one workout day a week, and that's been one of the things we've had to figure out is how to use that," Hays said. "That's why we better be covering it now.

"The last four or five years, for whatever reason, by the time we get into the season we usually have two guys on a weekend we feel good about, and everywhere else we're searching. But we only lost one pitcher out of this recruiting class in here, so right now it seems like we've got the numbers, but we've got to stay healthy."

If you've got the time this afternoon, go support the team and check out practice.