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DTN Cotton Bowl Conference

As far as meeting everyone at the Cotton Bowl my logistical problem is where to meet. It was noted in the Present and Accounted for at the Cotton Bowl FanPost that the official tailgate will be in the Automobile Building from 10:00 to 12:30 and that could be a good starting point.

Here's my plan and someone let me know if you have a better idea.  I plan on arriving early and hunkering down for some good times.  At some point that morning I was thinking about hanging outside of the Automobile Building with my DTN t-shirt (there's only two so it's probably going to be me) and hopefully I can point you in the direction where we'd all hangout.  We would then proceed to go do some serious tailgating.

My life would be much easier if anyone has a definite spot of where they will be with an RV, we could congregate there, I can't imagine that there would be a huge rush of folks and I'm asking you now to BYOB.  If anyone would be able to facilitate a handful of fellow DTN'ers then shoot me an email (doubletnation AT gmail DOT com).

I was also thinking that I could send out a text message of where we'll be, but I'll need you to email me (doubletnation AT  gmail DOT com) with you cell phone number.

There was also the inquiry if DTN has any connections . . . I do not have a single connection. I'm just a guy with a blog.