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BCS Changes

I'm totally ripping this off from the fine people at, but it's a good question:

If you could make one (and only one) change to the current BCS system, what would it be?

There are many, many things wrong with the system our schools are forced to play under. Goofy mathematical algorithims are as relied upon as the result on the field. Coaches who don't see any games are given a voice in their weekly top 25 poll. Margin of victory is excluded because college football players are whimps and we need to protect their feelings (sarcasm alert). The list is probably a lot longer than that...

But here's the one thing I'd change: Require the two teams playing for the national title to have won their respective conference. In recent years (Nebraska comes to mind immediately), a few schools have had the chance to win all the marbles without being tops in their own conference. There is something inherently wrong with that - especially since we don't have a roundrobin tourney to crown our champs. I liken this set up to being the equivalent of the loser of the NFC conference championship being allowed to play in the Super Bowl because of some computer model or voter preference.

I don't say this because UT may have a chance to play in the MNC game without wining the Big XII...I wouldn't want Tech to back in like that, either. It's just patently absurd that the possibility for that even exists for any team. Earn it on the field by being the very best in your own conference. If you are, on paper, the best team but the results on the field are different, well, you aren't really the best team.

What do you all think? What's the one change you'd make?

EDIT: And you can't scrap it : )