For Any Gamers, or people who enjoy simulations


Over at Raiderpower there guy ran the OK st TTU match up through his XBOX and NCAA football 2009. it was pretty awesome so see, and i still can't believe i read every word in the post.

Anyone who is a gamer, especially with NCAA football and has XBOX live, hit me up at kmac68k12.

But, i really wanted to make this point.

    This is so great for Texas Tech, Three strait games televised nationally, the offense has looked GREAT. like maybe a historically great offense, the defense has looked aggressive and ready to play, which is something new for tech fans. I'm going to savor every single one of the next ten days until the OU game, because TTU, your Red Raiders are the talk of the town. Harrell or Crabs might not win the heisman (they damn well SHOULD) but they will probably at least get invited to New York. and after so many great quaterbacks, to get snubbed, thats still something to be appreciated.


Where did Taurean Henderson end up, he was always one of my favorite players to watch. Is he in arena ball, or the canadian leagues, or is he a back-up on some NFL team? heck, maybe i just havent noticed and is he putting up pro bowl numbers somewhere.


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