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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - 78 Yard Kickoff Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I slept a little late this morning so I'm scrambling a bit to get everything together this morning.

Around the blogosphere, Bring On The Cats brings to you the Big 12 All-Hair team, no Red Raiders made the team. [editor's note, by Seth C] This was the most entertaining thing I read this morning. In Jeff Walker's Above the Rim he notes that Michael Crabtree will be honored at halftime at tonight's game with TAMU and presented with the AT&T All-America Player of the Year trophy. I hope Crabtree brings some magic to the game. Macon Dawg at Dawg Sports does a great job of explaining the greyshirt. I found this to be the most informative thing that I read this morning.

Texas Tech Football:

Last night Texas Tech received it's #14 commitment in kicker Donnie Carona and I sometime yesterday Texas Tech received it's #13 commitment in offensive lineman Joe King. I encourage you to to check out the DTN Recruiting Board for a recap.

LAJ's Don Williams has more on Carona, who is quite an athlete for being a kicker. Here's Carona on Texas Tech:

"I liked every aspect of it - the football program, the academics, the coaches, the facilities. Everything about it was unbelievable,'' Carona said.

Carona on what he does well, really well:

"The best thing I did that day was my kickoffs,'' Carona said. "All my kickoffs were 70 to 78 yards. That's really what caught his eye was my strong leg. I also did good on field goals. I sent him my tape, he watched that, and since then he's seemed very interested.''

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker previews tonight's game with the Aggies (we both guessed the same on starting lineups). Walker's feature article discusses the idea that tonight's game against TAMU is an opportunity for the Red Raiders. Here's head coach designate on the Aggies:

"They're still a very good team," Tech head coach designate Pat Knight said. "I don't think there's been any letdown from a basketball standpoint. Coach Turgeon has done a good job. He just took it where it was and kept going with it. ... They were so good last year. To keep a team going after you lost a kid like Acie Law is tough. They actually look like they're playing better as a team this year."