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Gameday Pictures: Texas Tech v. SMU

I snapped a few photos of Monday's game, which I thought you might enjoy. If anyone wants a high resolution photograph then just email me and I'll send you the full file.

The rest are after the jump.

Pregame warmups.

The runout.

Shannon Woods taking the ball. Also, note the abundance of Red Raiders in the crowd.

Graham Harrell goes back to pass.

An overview of the field.

Me and now you know who to throw things at.

Feeble attempt at being artistic.

Although you will need a magnifying glass, this picture is of Captain Leach running down the sideline and arguing the non-touchdown of Michael Crabtree, which eventually became his second touchdown.

This was during the Raider Power chant during the second half. It was pretty awesome to have that going at an away game.

I believe this is the series where we went for it on 4th down, but turned the ball over on downs. You know that it's the 4th quarter because all of the SMU fans (they were seated directly across the endzone) left to get the drunk-on).