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Wednesday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

DT's Ben Maki breaks down the offensive line and has a number of quotes from Asst. Coach Bicknell. I'm not too terribly worried about the line but there are certainly some issues regarding depth and as HubCityRaider has pointed out, there's a very good chance that Lonnie Edwards plays this year and maybe Gooch, Emert, and Keown. I think that Castillo maybe more of a project and I still have reservations as to whether or not he'll stay on the offensive line. Here's Coach Bicknell:

"We've kind of set the first and second team; now it is wide (open) and they can continue to compete," Bicknell said. "We've got five guys that we've got starting. We've got Marlon (Winn), Louis (Vasquez) and (Shawn) Byrnes, and right now (Stephen) Hamby is at the right guard, and right tackle is Rylan Reed - and we have four guys behind them who are obviously competing for those spots."

So the line sets up like this:

  • Right Tackle: Rylan Reed
  • Right Guard: Stephen Hamby
  • Center: Shawn Byrnes
  • Left Guard: Louis Vasquez
  • Left Tackle: Marlon Winn

The remaining players who made the spring roster (I' can't recall the injuries this early this morning) we have Adrian Archie, Buddy Brumit, Landon Burge, Brandon Carter, Andrew Johnson, Chris Olson, and Gary Taylor. Bicknell mentions that there are only 4 players backing up and I've listed 7 here, so obviously there's been some attrition. Logically, I would guess that Carter, Olson, Archie and Brumit are the players battling for backup positions.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Since we've reviewed the entire football team I thought that this is a perfect opportunity to begin to review the basketball team, especially with the basketball signing day, April 11th (I think), right around the corner.

My thought here is that we should look at a couple of items regarding each returning player:

  • Defense
  • Offense
  • Next Year's Expectations

Much of this analysis will be subjective, but I think it's important to look at each and every player and if we think they're going to be productive basketball players for this program. That's my biggest concern, is whether or not a player will contribute. My personal opinion is that this program has a lot of dead-weight. Players who were supposed to do something, but it appears to me that they are not or will not. And I'm not talking about Hoff.

In addition to the returning players, I want to consider the incoming players and how they'll add to the mix. I don't know that I'll be able to break down a players game since I haven't seen most of them play, but I think I have a pretty good feeling for how each of these players are expected to play and contribute.

My thought is to begin working on these over the next few weeks and then post one every week or so, that should take us into sometime in June or July. Which will bring us right into football season.

Below is just a list of the seniors just to remind you as to who's gone.

No. Name Ht. Wt. Pos. Year.
44 Darryl Dora 6-9 245 Forward Sr.
33 LucQuente White 6-0 180 Guard Sr.
22 Jarrius Jackson 6-2 185 Guard Sr.
31 Tanner Ogden 6-7 220 Forward Sr.
32 Jon Plefka 6-8 245 Forward Sr.