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Sunday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Basketball:

The guys over at Drinking The Forty, a Texas blog, asked me, along with other bloggers of the Big 12, to respond to Kevin Durant leaving for the NBA as Tech's prospects next year. Here's my response.

Texas Tech Football:

Pre Pro Sports, a college fantasy football website, previewed some of the offensive players for Texas Tech. Interesting that there's a college fantasy sports blog, and it looks like they update it quite often. Good stuff.

Is there a better person than Antonio Huffman? The guy just keeps giving back, doesn't just talk about doing things, but actually does them. Armen Williams of has an article on yesterday's Play Day, which makes you realize how good of a person Huffman is. Even if the professional sports teams don't come calling, Huffman will be successful in life. You can take that to the bank. If Huffman doesn't get drafted, then Antonio would be a perfect hire for the athletic department. He's great with the community and reaches out to kids, he would be a tireless worker in promoting Texas Tech, he gets people to come together. Sounds like a great person to have represent the school.

LAJ's Don Williams has an article this morning about former Texas Tech lineman and hopeful NFL draftee, Manny Ramirez, as well as the other seniors who hope to be drafted, next Saturday and Sunday at the NFL draft. Previews include Ramirez, Joel Filani, Gabe Hall, Jarrett Hicks, Kenyuta Dawson, and Glenn January (no Robert Johnson?).