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Wednesday Night Basketball Notes

Texas Tech Basketball:'s Stewart Mandel compiled a list of the top 10 active basketball coaches. The list:

  1. Billy Donovan
  2. Roy Williams
  3. Jim Calhoun
  4. Mike Kryzewski
  5. Rick Pitino
  6. Tom Izzo
  7. Ben Howland
  8. John Calipari
  9. Thad Matta
  10. Billy Gillispie

Obviously, not included in that list is our beloved Bob Knight, who was not in the "Just Missed" category, but in the "Also Considered" category.

Take a look at the list and tell me who he should be above. Also, shouldn't Mandel distinguish between having a team loaded with NBA talent and a team that has very little NBA talent? In other words, Donovan and Williams nab the top spot, and deservedly so, but they've got lottery picks up and down the roster, while Knight had a player who will probably play overseas (Jackson) and a player who might get drafted (Zeno), if he's lucky.

Is Knight a bad coach because he hasn't recruited the same type of NBA talent to Lubbock? If Mandel's going to create a top 10 active coaches list I think it's silly not to include Knight, or better yet, Mandel should do a better job of defining what makes a great coach, i.e. recruiting players that are incredibly gifted or a guy who has taken his team to the NCAA Tournament numerous time with very little NBA talent and has "Bad Mother F@#$%!" stitched on his wallet.

I know it's silly, but I'll take the latter.

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Texas Tech, but to go along with the running theme incredible leapers is this video of Kadour Ziani, a French Algerian who can dunk like a mo-fo (hat-tip to TrueHoop).