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Friday Morning Notes

It's opening day for the Red Raider baseball team, strike that, Saturday will be opening day for the Red Raiders as Coach Hays has moved the game back a day. It's early in the semester, go to Dan Law, watch the game, you'll make it home in plenty of time to catch the Red Raiders battle the Sooners that evening.

Interesting article from the Star Bulliten on new Red Raider commit, Sam Fehoko. The article mainly deails with Fehoko's switch from SDSU to Tech, but this caught my eye:

"Coach was straight up with me with the situations I'd be playing, and I agreed with everything he said. He told me I could play basically anything. They're looking five down linemen and three linebackers. It's more of a 4-3, but they'll rotate that nose guard in with other tackles," Fehoko said. "I'll play down and up. To me, that's better, it exposes more of my talents all around the field. He wants me to come from everywhere instead of right off the edge," said Fehoko, who was surprised when Leach compared him to former Texas Tech player and Miami Dolphins All-Pro linebacker Zach Thomas.

He'll play down and up? Does that mean that Tech is interested in running a bit of 3-4 this year? There have been quite a few in-between DE/LB recruits (yes, I promise to do this Saturday). I'm interested, but I wonder if Tech has the dominating nose tackle to make the 3-4 really excel, but I am excited about the possibility for sure.

Make sure and check out the retrospect on the Double T Nation, Texas Tech Recruiting Classes 2003 and 2004 (that was a really long title) that I finished up last night. It's certainly interesting to be able to look back and I promise to do 2005 and 2006 shortly.

I had a bad feeling abou this, Kellen Tillman received another year of eligibility. I'm not a real big fan of Tillman and would not have minded seeing him move on.

Also check out Double T Nation's preview of tomorrow night's game against OU.