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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Reportedly Interested Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

There are a couple of items around the interwebs that I thought might interest you on a Wednesday morning. First, new NFL draft blog, Mocking the Draft, ranks the top quarterbacks for the 2008 NFL Draft, and writer Matt Miller also ranks the underclassmen quarterbacks and do you want to guess as to who was the 2nd ranked underclassmen? That's right, our very own Graham Harrell, with McCoy 3rd and Chase Daniel 4th.

If you are out of idea for what to buy Coach Leach for Christmas, how about a Pirate Scope or Twin Peaks - The Definitive Gold Box Edition.

For those of you not buying for Coach Leach this holiday season, then you might buy your loved one 50 Years of College Football. Please see the excellent review by Corn Nation.

Texas Tech Football:

Things really seem to be cooling with the Leach and UCLA connection. Sporting News' Tom Dienhart has the following news on Coach Leach and I'll start with this quote:

But some outlets report that UCLA is lukewarm on Leach, who reportedly is interested in the position.

Okay, this absolutely doesn't sound like any sort of reliable report. I'm pretty sure that I could have written that sentence because it doesn't require me talking to any sources. Coach Leach is "reportedly" interested? He hasn't actually talked to a source?

I'm pretty sure that I'm done with this unless something earth-shattering happens.

LAJ's Don Williams gives us an update on the sale of Texas Tech's allotment for Gator Bowl tickets.

Texas Tech Basketball:

The AP's Betsey Blaney, via the LAJ, writes about New Mexico's new head coach, Steve Alford's unenviable task of facing his mentor, Bob Knight. Here's two contrasting quotes, the first from Steve Alford:

"I want them to be successful, and I want us to be successful," Alford said. "Nobody pulls for coach Knight more than I do."

And Coach Knight:

"That's a game that we prepare for just like any other game that we play," Knight said. "If I had to give special consideration to everybody that we play that I've either coached or coached for me, that's all I'd get done."

Actually, Coach Knight did have some complimentary things to say about Steve Alford:

"When you understand how to play, then you can coach," said Knight, in his seventh year at Tech and the winningest Division I coach with 896 victories. "He's worked at coaching very hard, and he's been able to get kids to play hard."

Andd Coach Alford obviously feels the same way:

"He's definitely been my closest friend in college basketball," Alford said. "If there's ever an issue I have, on or off the floor, he's the first one I call."

Time Wasting:

A big hat-tip to SB Nation blog Black Heart Gold Pants (an Iowa Hawkeye blog) who hat-tipped We Are The Postmen for the following awesome video of a drunk guy at a hockey game: