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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Running Late Edition

Double T Nation News:

DTN reader mctrees02, who also runs Texas Tech blog Flags Over Raiderland, is looking to sell his UT/Texas Tech tickets. Make him an offer he can't refuse.

Texas Tech Football:

DMN's Brian Davis introduces us to starting running back, Aaron Crawford. I had no idea that Crawford's father was also a runner in college. Coach Leach also mentioned that Crawford's hands have improved quite a bit over the course of the season:

"Starting out, of our skill players, he had the worst hands of anybody," Leach said, "and now he's probably in the middle or above average, which is huge progress for a guy his age."

Excellent work from Davis, go read the whole article.

LAJ's Don Williams features safety Daniel Charbonnet this morning and his excellent play on the special teams. Meanwhile, Williams also says that Coach Leach has not committed to any plans further than this week regarding the running backs.

LAJ's Jeff Walker has an interesting read this morning on the rowdy nature of fans and Mack Brown's concern for the players. When I watched the OSU game earlier in the year, I couldn't help but be concerned for the Texas Tech players as almost every student along the front row had paddles (think Dazed and Confused) that they were pounding against the padding, which was attached to the stadium. How could the school and stadium officials allow students to take in what I thought could be construed as weapons is beyond me? If Texas Tech did that we would be lambasted for the inability to control our crowd.

Jeff also projects a number of bowl scenarios in the article and thinks that a bowl game in Shreveport is the most likely scenario (he's assuming that we'll lose the last 2 games while other teams win).