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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Looking for a Cowboy Hat Edition

Double T Nation News:

My beautiful wife goes in for surgery this morning which means that I'll need two things from you guys for a couple of days:

  1. Since I won't be blogging for a couple of days I'll need you guys to create diaries to the right and keep the Red Raider faithful up to date on Texas Tech events; and
  2. I need you guys to send positive thoughts our way this morning.
My sweet wife and me.

Texas Tech Football:

Onto some other things. I loved the broadcast on Saturday night and found myself laughing out loud a number of times during the game:

  1. Paul McGuire was funny. Having him on the truck was a great bit and as nervous as I was, he made me laugh out loud a number of times. Being able to make fun of yourself is a great quality to have and McGuire putting on the cape, hat and mask was a lot of fun.
  2. How about Masked Rider, Kevin Burns getting some camera time? He looked like an American bad-ass as he rode out onto the field, especially where he put the reins in his mouth and got his guns up. Then he gets some lines? Kevin's mustache and his camera time is the definition of awesome:

  3. Could Graham Harrell have looked any happier?

    I think this was more than just a game for Graham, this was a little bit of validation. I'm really happy for Graham, Leach, Crabtree, McNeill and the entire team and that picture of Graham says it all.

In case you missed it, here were some classic Coach Leach quotes:

  • Coach Leach has your cowboy hat:
    "I ended up with a cowboy hat in the melee on the field. Someone stepped on my head and I kept walking," Leach said. "I'd like to make this announcement now. If anybody is looking for a hat and wants their hat back, it will be in the football office. I'll be happy to get you your hat."
  • David Lynch reference:
    "One thing I've always liked about this place is you've got the great college atmosphere, but it's got a little bit of that NFL flavor with some characters mixed in,'' Leach said. "It's like a college atmosphere mixed with a David Lynch movie, so it's really pretty cool.''

Around the Texas Tech blogosphere, here's Classless Clowns breakdown of Saturday's game as well as our buddies, Disco Tech!'s thoughts on the upset. Don't forget Flags Over Raiderland as ZebbieL usually brings his camera and once he has the time will post some amazing photos.

Last week I had a Texas Tech graduate, Brian, ask about raising money to help pay for Coach Leach's fine and now he's started the I Like Mike Fund. I had suggested to Brian that the excess money help pay for underprivileged kids to be able to attend the game and that's what's going to happen. Details can be found in the diary linked above.

LAJ's Don Williams' feature this morning is on Saturday night's historic win over Oklahoma. Defensive tackle Rajon Henley:

"That was the first I've ever been around something like that,'' said defensive tackle Ra'Jon Henley, who made three key third-down stops that helped Tech hold a 27-10 halftime lead. "I was thinking, 'All these people coming at me, they better watch out.' I didn't know if they were going to jump on me or what. I was just trying to get to my parents. They were all saying, 'Great game,' stuff like that.''

Don also breaks down some of Texas Tech's bowl possibilities and it appears that Texas Tech will be Gator Bowl bound. Go to the article for the entire breakdown.

Also, hat-tip to DTN reader TracySaulRulz: ESPN Gameday Wrapup has a number of Texas Tech mentions.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes this morning about the men's basketball team need to be a little more offensive. Jeff points out the less than stellar assist to turnover ratio 38:50. I think this is a product of introducing a freshman point guard and I hope that this gets better. Knight is also a little dismayed at the lack of frontcourt production:

"When we're not getting any more productivity out of a position than that, then we've got to do something," Knight said. "We've got to look in another direction."

Big 12 Football:

SAEN's Tim Griffin gives his offensive player of the week to our very own Graham Harrell. In the DMN, Chip Brown breaks down which team has the opportunity to win the Big 12, and focuses on UT's chances.