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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - The Guarantee Edition

DTN News:

As I thought about the game this weekend I remembered that I compiled a number of videos about Blake and his takes, Coach Leach wanting a sword, the game, and then realizing that sometimes a pirate can beat a soldier.

Texas Tech Football:

Jovorskie Lane didn't think that the Red Raiders had enough motivating them on Saturday so he thought he'd give them a little more. Here's Lane:

"We're going to win in 2007," Lane said. "That's a guarantee. I promise you."

Lane was then asked why he feels that way.

"It's just that our team's chemistry is so strong right now, ain't nothing can break us," the J-Train added. "From what we went through with that situation with Coach Fran and we were down 17 points last week [against Oklahoma State], it's just a real big motivating thing right now."

Lane doesn't say a disparaging thing about Texas Tech, but I still don't get what he's trying to say. If Aggie team unity means having your entire team show up a press conference to support your beleaguered coach as it appears that he may eventually get canned because he needs to make additional money to pay for a website when the $2 million annual salary just isn't enough and this is supposed to mean that the Aggies have unbreakable team chemistry, then I want no part of that. SAEN's Brent Zwerneman has more on the Lane guarantee.

LAJ's Don Williams feature this morning is on redshirt freshman middle linebacker Brian Duncan. Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill had this to say about Duncan:

"I'm very pleased with Brian's progress," McNeill said. "He's playing fast. He's making and finishing plays. He's playing with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of zest. He's being physical at the point of attack. He is really improved since last spring."

One thing that I noticed as I watched a part of Saturday's game against ISU last night was how the linebackers were filling up the gaps between the rushing defenders and the offensive line and how quickly they were able to make a read on the play. The more I think about the defense and Coach McNeill, I come away more impressed.

Coach Leach also allows Duncan to be a part of the weekly press conference to speak for the defense:

"He's just a smart, articulate guy," Leach said. "Some guys are just better at that. He seemed like he was good at it, and everybody I talked to said he really did a good job."

LAJ's Don Williams Red Raiders Football Notebookreports on how the Red Raiders are game-planning for the Ags. Essentially, Baron Batch is playing the role of Jovorskie Lane, except that he's 60 pounds lighter. Steven Sheffield, who might weight 170 is playing the role of Stephen McGee, Jarred Flannel is Goodson and Jacoby Franks is playing the role of his brother, Kerry Franks.

Also in the notebook, L.A. Reed may be able to play on Saturday, but Don notes the following:

If Reed can't go in Saturday's game against Texas A&M, the Raiders will consider freshmen Lyle Leong or Brik Brinker to pair at split end with starter Edward Britton.

"We'll let them kind of battle it out in practice if L.A.'s not able to go,'' wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley said. "We'll see how they practice and see how L.A.'s feeling and make that decision here in a couple of days.''

Leong backs up flanker Mike Crabtree, but he worked at split end in the early part of spring practice.

Wide receivers coach Lincoln Riley thought that Britton, had his best game of the season:

"Overall, it might have been his most complete game,'' Riley said. "He didn't have quite as many catches, but he blocked really, really well. He had a few blocks that really sprung us for huge gains. Did a lot of good things on his routes. He played really well. I was happy with the way he played.''

FSWT's Dwain Price's talks with QB, Graham Harrell, who says that last year's A&M game was his favorite to day.

"That's probably my favorite game and one of the most exciting games, and that was probably my favorite play of the year," said Harrell, who completed 5 of 7 passes for 75 yards on the final drive against the Aggies. "To go down there and beat them in their place was fun."

Speaking of last year's game, it's going to be on ESPN Classic Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Go set your Tivo's.

DMN's Brandon George notes that Harrell broke the Texas Tech record for completion percentage against Iowa State. Also, those of you who have time during the day, there's going to be a chat session over at the DMN - let's get a lot of Texas Tech questions.

Big 12 Football:

Not much out there this morning, but SAEN's Tim Griffin ranks the Big 12 and the Offensive and Defensive POY's - Crabtree and Harrell are 1 and 2.

Time Wasting:

This will be a complete waste of time, but check out this video of some kid stacking dice. I didn't know that people did this (hat-tip Kottke).