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Monday Morning Basketball Notes

Happy New Year to my Texas Tech brethren, I hope that each of you are safe and sound for the new year.  

This morning we've got just a few new articles, but no real significant news from any of them.

LAJ's Jeff Walker reports that today's game will be a sellout for the 2nd consecutive game, which Texas Tech had never done previously in their non-conference schedule.  

FWST's John Miller writes about how Knight's assistant coaches no longer want to hear about the record as Big 12 play looms after the New Mexico game.

"Our thinking was, 'What a great situation to come out and be ready to play,'" Texas Tech assistant coach Stew Robinson said. "You would think the kids would come out and give their best effort. It's something that mystified us as coaches that we didn't get. We hope [the pressure of the situation] didn't play too much into it because we're going to have to perform in big games later in the season."

DMN's Tim MacMahon has a short article about the number of basketball luminaries who showed up on Thursday to honor Coach Knight if he broke the record.

Also, don't forget to check out the Double T Nation Texas Tech v. New Mexico game preview.