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Basketball Update

I am working on previews for the upcoming bowl game, but thought I would throw some interesting numbers out there for your consideration.  According to Ken Pomeroy, Tech is now ranked 75th in the nation after the win over Centenary.  It's still pretty easy to tell where the deficiencies are, but Tech is making progress.  Ken's ratings are predicting a 4 point loss at Arkansas, which tells me that this game could go either way.  

Overall, I'd still like to see the defense tighten up a little bit, but I'm real encouraged by the emergence of Michael Prince and Decensae White.  Both are athletic big men who seem to scrap and have an offensive game as well.  Let Zeno and Jackson do the heavy lifting and do the dirty work.  

Tech doesn't play again until December 16th so look for a preview before the game, but right now, there's just not much in terms of news out there.

By the way, I previously posted the stats for the new basketball recruits and have been unable to find anything about Darryl Ashford.  If anyone has any info on him or where I could find his stats I would be greatly appreciated.