Chasing Windmills

The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done." ― George Carlin

An Open Letter to Hollywood

Why are our efforts being ignored?

Guys Named Bill: The top ten of all-time

When evaluating the most important people in history a common thread emerges. The cream of the humanity crop seem to all be named Bill.

Pringles are for the wild

Dispatches from Kerrville Schreiner State Park: The Lord of the Flies is plausible.

Bob Seger is the worst

One man's search for peace and happiness and the surprising solution that could bring joy to his life.

Rocky Balboa Can't Whisper

Why an over the top, ridiculously unrealistic movie franchise will always be an inspiration to a simple guy like me.


Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury A "Jeopardy" Clue

"Who is Kliff Kingsbury?" to be a question on Jeopardy today Feb 26 2014

Pitbull, P Mo and the Fog

Mr. 305 came to the San Antonio Rodeo to rock our faces. In the process, he taught us a valuable lesson.

On Marcus Smart, Jeff Orr, Freedom and Redemption

The story now belongs to The Machine. Unfortunately, it often doesn't stop its slow churn until a life is destroyed.

An Interview With My Son

I've been able to interview Kliff Kingsbury and David Ubben and Hanz about Texas Tech, so I interviewed my 4 year old to get his thoughts on the Spurs. Please go over there and rec it so my son doesn't get a complex.



I typically don't cross pollinate my stories, but wanted to share this one. The Spurs played the Mavericks last night but I really wanted to describe what it's been like for me, just a regular guy, to be able to get so close to the action at the AT&T Center before, during and after the games. It's been a surreal few months.

Plus the story has a picture of Dirk for all you Mavs fans.

1st Annual Golden Matador Awards

Viva The Matadors celebrities recently gathered for the most glamorous night on the internet. Replays of the show, hosted by Matt Millen and Gus Johnson, can be seen nightly on the LHN. Tune in to see who walked away with a coveted Golden Matador.

Putting the Red Raiders' season in perspective

A calm, reserved, level-headed open letter review of the 2013 Texas Tech Red Raiders and Kliff Kingsbury's first season as Head Coach

It's been a long year so let's twerk

Kliff Kingsbury. Ron Burgundy. Gilbert. The fox. Kirby Hocutt. Egg nog. Me with free time. What do you get? This.

Is Jace Amaro coming back next year?

The answer is an emphatic yes. How do we know? Because he said so. At a piano bar. With a bunch of drunk Tech fans. So it's pretty much settled.

Craig's List: Co-Offensive Coordinator wanted

TCU Head Coach discovered that Craig's List is a great way to look for new coaches to kick-start an anemic offense.

Kingsbury's Red Raiders Will Get Better: A Parable

The last month has been frustrating for Texas Tech fans as the Red Raiders have tumbled from a top ten ranking & are now staring down five straight losses to finish the season. But things will get better. How do I know? Because I went skiing once.

When an 18 year-old breaks your heart

Cliff Alexander was just toying with his hometown Illinois fans. This proves oldschoolraider's theory: Never live and die on the decisions made by an 18 year old kid. They'll rip your heart out and stomp on it.

Mi nombre es Gilberto

Gilbert had to make a change so he ran away and fell in love. Gilbert is happy now and he wants you to be happy too. He's just not 100% sure where he is.

Facebook Questions


I created a Facebook account solely for the purpose of being able to administer the VTM page. But I received this question recently and I'm strongly considering answering yes, just to see where this goes. When an epic story is potentially knocking on your door, how can you ignore it?

Red Raider Jackpot: Hiring Kliff Kingsbury

12/12/12 has an obvious symmetry to it. DJ's mix the 1's and 2's. I think. I'm not really sure because I'm not that cool. Anyway, it's also the day Coach Kingsbury came home. Let's celebrate by gambling fake money.

Once Bitten Twice Shy: Gilbert's Dissertation

Gilbert feels a sense of freedom after the first loss of the season for Texas Tech but that makes him worry. He also wrote a scientific article for review.

Wikipedia is killing VTM: A site run by volunteers

I hope you feel good about yourself Wikipedia. All we ever wanted was to become a reputable website and in order to do that we had to be on Wikipedia. I guess we'll tell our children that realizing your dream isn't possible in America anymore.

Today, we are all Gilbert

Gilbert broke out in hives after last Saturday and has been holed up in his room. It seems that each week Gilbert gets more and more worried. He has nightmares and sobs while he eats his soup. Gilbert also has a secret to share.



What the heck is wrong with you Gilbert?

Gilbert manages my fantasy football team and he came up with our team's name. Our team is named Gilbert. Gilbert worries about things and would like to share his worries with all of us. This could be a weekly thing.

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