Texas Tech Links: No Arrests in Bethel Situation; Times Are Changing for Student-Athletes

Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann of the United States looks on as the US Men's National Team stretches prior to training at Arena Amazonia on June 21, 2014 in Manaus, Brazil. - Kevin C. Cox

A quick update on the Nigel Bethel, II situation. Times are changing for NCAA student-athletes as the lawsuits against the NCAA continues.

I've got an open thread going up at 2:00 pm for USA vs. Belgium and I think MikeTTU is going to get his recruiting post going up early.

Update on Bethel. The sumary of the statement from the police is that the police arrived at 6:00 pm on Saturday to investigate an assault. No arrests were made at that time because they didn't have enough information. I am guessing that the District Attorney's office is making their own investigation to determine if they have enough evidence to move forward on their end.

Times are Changing. Welp, get ready.  College athletes may receive up to $20,000 in NCAA video game settlement, which is part of the Sam Keller lawsuit, and not part of the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit:

Robert Carey, an attorney for the Keller and Alston plaintiffs, said that if a player appeared as an avatar in four different years of the game, he potentially could end up with $20,000 - or $5,000 per appearance year. But if such a player's photograph also was used in two different years, he could get another $10,000 - again $5,000 per appearance year - for a total of $30,000.

In part two of times are changing, here's from Texas A&M's compliance department twitter account, which is one of the more active and knowledgeable twitter accounts (they sorta had to get up to speed with Manziel):

As noted in the tweets, this isn't necessarily new, but I found it interesting that the TAMU compliance tweet made it's way around the twitter. Student-athletes will be able to use their own likenesses and make a profit off of it, the same as you and me, and we have to hold on to find out if that's really worth anything. And to catch you up on O'Bannon, if you wanted to have a lot of the issues boiled down to what really happened in that 15 day trial, then this is pretty good.

You Get a Transfer. You Get a Transfer. A good look of all of the basketball transfers in the Big 12 this past year, incoming and outgoing, and surprise, surprise, Iowa St. is expected to have some good ones.

The CFL. So I enjoyed reading Peter King's latest MMQB article about the CFL, which could be interesting because Seth Doege is in Saskatchewan battling for a back up position, and Jamar Wall I think is also playing.

Miscellaneous: A good explanation of how the TCU defense works and how it stops up-tempo offenses . . . the Big 12 officially released their logo last night (I think) and so it's officially official. I did listen and watch the video about the logo and the idea is that the Big 12 needed and has a new fresh logo and that this appeals to the youth. I've never understood how a conference appeals to or doesn't appeal to a person, I've just never thought of a conference that way. I think of a conference as a governing entity . . .

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