Texas Tech Links: World Cup Pick'Em; Smith 39th; FB's Strength of Schedule

Morne de Klerk

Join the VTM World Cup Pick'Em contest. Tubby Smith is the 39th best coach in the country. A look at the Big 12 non-conference schedules.

Anyone Interested in a World Cup Pick'Em? Hello internet friends. If you would like to join me in an internet pick'em contest for the World Cup.  Here is the link (I think) to the Yahoo! Sports World Cup Pick'Em page.  You'll need the Group ID 8433 and password is vtm.

Maybe the Schedule Isn't So Bad. I read something the other day that Texas Tech's strength of schedule was one of the worst, but according to a totally unbiased opinion from an Oklahoma writer, Texas Tech was only 8th out of 10. Central Arkansas sorta weighs things down a bit.

Division IV Will Never Happen. According to John Infante, Mike Slive's comments about creating a Division IV will never happen.  The teeth to what Slive is talking about is creating their own NCAA and dropping the NCAA altogether:

But if the power conferences proposed a real Division IV, one which has its own tournaments, that becomes an association-wide issue. The threat then would then be that the power conferences would leave the NCAA entirely. Creation of a new division would be voted on by the entire NCAA membership. Faced with relegation to an NAIA-like existence, Divisions II and III would likely overwhelm the objections from the rest of Division I to allow the power conferences what they want. Especially if Division IV membership includes more than just the power conferences.

He Good. ESPN is in the business of lists and ranking things and men's head basketball coach Tubby Smith is 39th best head coach in the country, which is ahead of Bruce Weber, by one spot, Rick Barnes and Scott Drew by a few spots. I don't get the love for Weber, Drew and Barnes have done more than Weber. Here's the bit on Smith:

Last season Smith took a Texas Tech program ravaged by Hurricane Billy Clyde and almost immediately made it respectable; the Red Raiders jumped from 233rd to 83rd in adjusted efficiency in the matter of one season.

Heh. That's a pretty good description of Gillispie.

Petty Has #14 Recruiting Class. Everything gets ranked. Everything. Including women's tennis, where Todd Petty signed the #14 recruiting class in the nation.

O'Bannon is on the Way. O'Bannon vs. the NCAA is coming, whether your like it or not and SB Nation has a pretty good primer on what you need to know for the June 9th trial.

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