Texas Tech Baseball Beats Miami, Advances to Super-Regional

Photo credit TMacRaider.

Texas Tech beat Miami, 4-0, and advances (and possibly will even host, a super-regional against the College of Charleston.

Texas Tech Wins!  High Fives for Everybody! Texas Tech only needed 5 outs to finish the first game against Miami, but couldn't close the game and ended up losing 2-1 in extra innings.  But then . . . then . . .

Things happened.  Texas Tech was forced into a win-or-go-home game against Miami, where both Texas Tech and Miami would have the opportunity to advance to a super-regional if either team should win.

We don’t need to start counting our money at the table. We’ve got a game (this) weekend and we’re going to stay grounded. We just need to keep playing baseball. -Head Coach Tim Tadlock

It was junior Cameron Smith, who stepped up and gave Texas Tech, perhaps the biggest win of the season. Scratch that. Perhaps the biggest win of the program. That's fairly daunting to think about and Smith didn't shrink from the opportunity. One other thing is that Smith is 5-11 and 155. That's not a typo.

Smith pitched a complete game, giving up just 3 hits, 5 walks and 3 strikeouts, throwing 57% of his pitches for strikes. And in case you weren't watching through the year, Smith finished 8-2 for the year and a 2.86 ERA for the year. Smith, a transfer from New Mexico JC is brand new this year and Dylan Dusek pitched the game of his life on Saturday, going 8 innings and giving up no runs. A true freshman. Two new players that made a huge impact and the list is long of those sorts of players.

It looked like this was going to be a game of wasted opportunities as Texas Tech left 9 players on base, but in the 7th inning, Texas Tech started the inning with 2 runs, 1 on a scoring error and another by sacrifice fly. Texas Tech tacked on 2 additional runs in the 8th inning, by a Zach Davis single to center, scoring Devon Conley and Tim Proudfoot.

Texas Tech wins 4-0 and beats Miami on their home field.

None of this would really be possible without head coach Tim Tadlock.

Texas Tech has advanced to a super regional and the expectation is that Texas Tech will host a super regional against the College of Charleston starting this weekend. If you want tickets, start calling the ticket office at 7:00 am.  That's not a typo.  If you want to go to the very first super-regional that this team and program have ever seen, call at 7:00 am.

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