Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | APR Scores Released; Golf to NCAA Regional

Storm clouds gather at sunset over Bluetongue stadium during the round 23 A-League match between the Central Coast Mariners and the Newcastle Jets at Bluetongue Stadium on March 15, 2014 in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images) - Tony Feder

The NCAA APR scores were released yesterday and it appears that everyone is doing okay. The men's golf team is headed to an NCAA Regional. The track complex will get a $1.2 million renovation.

We have reached that point in the season when I will post more photos of sunsets and Australian Rules Football and beaches and waves.

Hello APR. The NCAA released the APR schools for everyone and every year I have to remind myself what's good and what isn't good (via NCAA).  I think that 925 is good and it looks like everyone is doing really good.  The football team is maybe in the worst shape, but still okay.  They had a 923, which is still fine, but the football team needs to average a 930 to be bowl eligible for a two year term or be over 900 over a four year term.  The current multi-year APR is 932, but obviously the football program is well above the 900 threshold.  I sure as heck hope I'm interpreting this correctly.

Speaking of APR and stuff, Oklahoma St.'s APR is low enough that they will lose a full day of practice, but it's been reported that it will just be Sunday, which is the lightest day for practice (via CRRF).  You would also think that a team like TCU would have a problem since their current APR score for football was 910, but their multi-year APR score is 945, so they should be fine.

Golf to NCAA Regional. The men's golf team will tee off today in the Raleigh Regional to start their NCAA Tournament run (via Texas Tech).  There are seven teams in the regional and the top five teams move on to the NCAA Championship in Kansas.

You Get a Renovation. You Get a Renovation. You Get a Renovation. Everybody is getting renovations and this time, the track team will receive $1.2 million in renovations to the Terry and Linda Fuller Track and Field Complex (via Texas Tech):

Texas Tech track and field student-athletes will now enjoy the benefits of a 3,500 square foot team area and expanded locker room space, all of which opens up to the north edge of the Fuller Track. The team room features custom red and black carpet with an oversized Double-T graphic, four game-style tables, three study tables and an 80-inch high definition flat-panel TV.

Meanwhile, each locker room features 90 custom oak lockers and bathrooms with Texas Tech red and black colored tiles.

A Likeness of Kingsbury on Tinder. A likeness of head coach Kliff Kingsbury (a photo from the internets) was on Tinder (which is a dating or hook-up site and/or app) and to everyone's surprise, lots of women wanted to maybe date him (via EDSBS).

Smith at Will. Good stuff from the official site for the Cowboys on the prospects of Will Smith who they think will make it as a weakside linebacker (via Dallas Cowboys). And I also did a Q&A with Blogging the Boys about Smith (via Blogging the Boys).

Smith in Washington. This was something that happened a week or so ago, but we get a bit of reaction from head coach Tubby Smith on going to Washington and hanging out with the Pentagon folks and other successful head coaches (via LAJ).  Smith said that he learned a lot and that he will utilize some of the things he learned next year:

While Smith was able to share his thoughts, he also learned a thing or two from his colleagues. Before every practice this next season, Smith wants to implement Ollie's challenge circle - where the team gathers in a circle at midcourt with the basketball and one player throws the ball to another and challenges him in a fundamental area to help him get better.

"I learned why these coaches are so successful," Smith said. "They use different techniques to help their team and players, to motivate them or to do a lot of things. Not many people are privy to that. Some times you just have to let your ego down and say, ‘That's good stuff.'"

Strong on Kingsbury. There isn't really all that much to this, but that's fine.  Texas head coach Charlie Strong was in Lubbock on a bus tour around the state of Texas and he said that Kingsbury is doing an outstanding job (via KCBD):

"I know he's doing an outstanding job. He's gonna have an outstanding program. We don't play them for a while so I can't worry about Texas Tech right now. Got to get our guys ready to go play."

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