Red Raider Gridiron | Levingston Doesn't Qualify, to Sign with Kansas

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Texas Tech commit OL Dontae Levingston did not qualify to enter Texas Tech and will now sign with Kansas.

One of the JUCO offensive line signees, and maybe this is what caused Dominique Robertson to flip from Kansas St to Texas Tech, is that Dontae Levingston had some credits that did not transfer and as a result, he will not be enrolling at Texas Tech, but will instead sign with Kansas (via LAJ):

"I’m not transferring to Texas Tech anymore," Levingston said Wednesday. "I didn’t get into the school."

With Robertson in the fold, this makes it a bit easier, plus the idea that this apparently isn't something that was really in Levingston's control, but rather just the fact that some credits didn't transfer.  He wanted to sign with Texas Tech, but it just didn't work out.  I think this is, on occasion, one of the issues with JUCO guys.

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Dave Campbell's Best in Texas: Some future Red Raiders (fingers crossed) made Dave Campbell's best of the best in Texas (via TexasFootball), including WR Ian Sadler being named the 3A Player of the Year and first team All-Texas (this includes any and all classifications) at the Utility position.  RB Justin Stockton also made first team All-Texas  at running back, while QB Patrick Mahomes made second team.  Congrats to all of those players!

NCAA Union: You all had some good discussions about the idea of a new union for NCAA athletes and I thought I'd throw out some links that may not have made it to the comments.  The first one is from former Iowa St. running back Jeff Woody (jwoody32.blogspot).  I think Woody tries to make some salient points here about the pros and cons, whether you disagree with them or not.

Then, one of my favorites, Michael Felder from B/R, who is also a former player and makes some pretty good points, including the thought that the Northwestern folks didn't even mention the stipend issue, that this is about having an advocate during and after your playing days (via B/R).  You really need to read this.  I think Felder has some really good points, which is the idea of protecting players and providing a uniform level of enforcement for rules violations.  And last but not least, the folks at Deadspin say that the NCAA should be praying that the players are able to form a union because the requests aren't that bad and it would prevent the one thing the NCAA fears, which is a free market for the use of these athletes (via Deadspin).

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