A Review of The Football Season--2013

So, we all know what happened. TTU started off 7-0, ranked #10, and then TTU just faltered, losing the last 5 games. But then, TTU redeemed themselves, by winning the Holiday Bowl Game. And that was a heck of a game.

So let's recap each game, and look back over the 2013 football season.

TTU started off playing SMU, and they were starting a true freshman, Baker Mayfield. The game started off with a TTU FG (I bet SARR was screaming). But then, TTU started heating up, and Mayfield threw for 4 TD's, and heck, he led the rushing with 12 carries for 16 yards, and a TD (which sucks, but still). Eric Ward caught 13 passes for 150 yards, but surprisingly, he never caught a TD in this game. TTU cruised to a 41-23 victory of SMU.

Next game was SF Austin, and TTU demolished them. They start out with a 42 yard TD (Jakeem Grant, oh yeah!). And they never looked back. TD, after TD, after TD. Mayfield threw for 3 TDs, and then Webb came in in the end, started out by throwing a TD, and then went to 2 interceptions. Jace Amaro was the big receiver in this game, catching 8 passes, but for 142 yards and 1 TD. That is 17.8 yards a catch. Pretty impressive. And we can't forget Kenny William's 2 TD runs either. TTU beat SF Austin 61-13.

And then came a scary game, TCU. TTU started the game off quite confident, with a 50 yard TD pass. That was the only TD pass Mayfield would have; unfortunately, he threw 3 interceptions after that. This was a pretty low scoring game, with the hero being Davis Webb, who came in and tossed up that TD to Bradley Marquez to cut the tie. I also remember this game, with Boykins looking totally uncomfortable. Amaro again led the receiving with 9 catches and 97 yards. TTU escaped with the win, 20-10.

So now, we go to a non-conference game again in Texas State. I was actually at this game, my first TTU game. Mayfield didn't have a good start, with 1 interception, and then he goes down hurt, so it is now on the defense and Davis Webb. The Defense really stepped it up, and made multiple goal line stands, it was incredible. Webb threw for 2 TD's, but also he threw 2 INT so not the greatest performance. The running game was almost extinct. No surprise again as Amaro led the receiving again, 9 catches for 86 yards. TTU beat Texas State, 33-7.

Then we had Kansas, which was a piece of cake. Mayfield got severely injured in this game, with a helmet being knocked into his knee. While Mayfield threw for 368 yards, he didn't throw any TD's, and he threw 1 INT. Webb came in and only threw for 36 yards, but he had 2 TDs. The running game was really a key factor in this game, with 4 TDs coming from it. TTU was now 2-0 in the conference, and still unbeaten. TTU won this game 54-16.

Next was Iowa State, and they gave us problems. Davis Webb had 3 TDs, and 1 interception. Our running game had 3 TDs as well. But Iowa State had 1 TD from their QB, and 3 TD from their running game; however, they scored 35 points. I wondered how they got their 5th TD, and then I realized they returned a kickoff for a TD. TTU barely escaped 42-35.

Texas tech was now 6-0, 3-0 in the conference, and ranked #16. TTU had a good shot at being one of the leaders in the Big 12 conference. And had the season only had 7 games in it, we would've gone to the National Championship for sure...wait, maybe not.

WVU was next, and TTU handled them. Webb had a MUCH better game with 462 yards, and 2 TDs. And Ryan Bustin, whew, he had 9 points for us. The running game also gave TTU 2 TDs. We won that game (37-27) and we were 7-0 (4-0 in conference). Now us fans, we are thinking TTU's got a chance. Now we just gotta go into OU, eat p&j sandwiches, and win, and be 8-0. Well, the rain caused lots of trouble that week. (including me and some of my family being the victim of a lady hydroplaning through an intersection, through a red light, and t-boning us...thankfully, we were all ok. and don't get me started in this subject, but let me say, be safe out there. my family has been involved in 5 accidents over the last year and a half, with none of these being our fault, kinda crazy)

Welp, OU came out, we played OU pretty well, but came up short. Had a chance to go down the field, tie things up, if we were lucky, we had to get a 2-point conversion. One funny thing that happened in this game, was Bob Stoops getting plowed over by his own player. TTU left with the loss 38-30.

I mean no worries right? TTU should just bounce right back, but then it was OK State. TTU didn't do good in this game atchall, losing it 52-34. I think we know the rest of the story, we lost 3 more games after that to Kstate, Baylor (put up a good fight in this game in the first half, but then kinda smothered out in the second half), and then TU.

Well, no we were 7-5, and disappointed, and then Mayfield transfers out of here without class and everything; however, we made it into a pretty good bowl, being the Holiday Bowl. And we were playing a really good team in #14 Arizona State. Davis Webb is the starting QB, our Defense is battered and torn, but the Texas Tech Red Raiders, they never give up. They fought for this game, and they came away with a glorious victory. The defense held them to 2 TDs and 3 FGs. Webb was beast, as well 403 yards and 4 TDs. and well of course, Amaro was beast, as always. We killed it in the Holiday Bowl, defeating a #14 team 37-23.

The 2013 season was awesome for the first 7 games, sucked for the next 5, and then turned awesome again for the bowl game.

I, personally, can not WAIT for football season to start again. Meanwhile, the mens basksetball team just pulled off and amazing win against Baylor.

So, thats the recap/review of the 2013 football season. Audios for now.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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