Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Kansas Jayhawks | Game and TV Info; Opening Odds; Morning Links

John Weast

Game and television information, opening odds and morning links. This post will serve as the story stream anchor leading up to Texas Tech visiting Kansas.

Game Information

4-0, 1-0
Date | October 5, 2013
Time | 11:00 am CST
Good Guys | Texas Tech Red Raiders
Bad Guys | Kansas Jayhawks
Location | Memorial Stadium | Lawrence, Kansas
Weather | Showers, High 70, Low 47
TV | Fox Sports 1
Radio | Affiliates

2-1, 0-0

LINKS | These are your morning links.  It's finally a game week, which is great because we now have straight eight weeks of football to dazzle and entertain you.  And it also looks like it is going to be football weather on Saturday in Lawrence, which is awesome.  Let's do this.

  • Official Site Preview | The official site has their preview of the game up, including a depth chart (PDF) that they have told us isn't going to be updated through the year.
  • Odds | OddsShark doesn't have a line as of this morning for six different books.  That's pretty odd.  I'm not sure what the line will be, but I would think it would be at least a touchdown.
  • Coaches Poll and AP Poll | The AP Top 25 Poll has Texas Tech ranked as the 20th best team in the nation, while the USA Today Coaches Poll has Texas Tech at 22nd overall.
  • News Conferences Set for Today | If you are looking for news, you've come to the wrong spot.  At least until tomorrow.  Today, the Big 12 will hold their teleconference and head coach Kliff Kingsbury will hold his presser at today at 11:00 am (I don't know this for sure, but this seems to be the schedule). You just have to endure one more day of not having any news.
  • Kingsbury as a Candidate for USC | I'm not going to devote any front page stories or anything like that to this bit of speculation.  USC's head coach, Lane Kiffin, was fired on the bus, or right outside the bus, on Saturday after his game.  Naturally, writers and other folks try to think of candidates for a head coach for the Trojans.  NFL's Gil Brandt thinks that head coach Kliff Kingsbury is a candidate.  Again, this is an NFL guy just guessing and here's the distinction for me.  Kingsbury should be a candidate for the USC job because he's a bad-ass coach, but he's not a real candidate for the job because he isn't going to leave Texas Tech.  

    I know it's pretty fun to make fun of folks like me, a fan of a team that doesn't think their head coach will leave for what some perceive as a better job, but Kingsbury isn't going to leave for USC or anywhere else for a really long time.  You, as a fan, are just going to have to start being really smug and confident about Kingsbury being in Lubbock for a really long time.  People are going to wonder why Kingsbury continues to stay in Lubbock, that there are greener pastures at other schools, blah, blah, blah.  It's okay.  Like I said, I'm not going to wring hands or worry about this and I'm not going to try to grab page views for this stuff.  This is a non-story.
  • Power Rankings | FSSW has their Big 12 Power Rankings (why are they called "power rankings"?) and has Texas Tech 4th, behind Oklahoma, Baylor and Oklahoma St.
  • Primed for Upset | This is an article that seems really poorly written and this is the reason I'm linking to it, not because it's controversial or anything like that.  Sure, the author thinks that Texas Tech is primed for an upset because it is Kansas' homecoming, but it is actually quite entertaining to me how bad this is and this person is quite possibly a writer for a living.  I also acknowledge that I'm not the best writers, I'm average at best, just consistent.
  • Updated Stadium Photos | It seems like it's been a long time since we had an update from TTURed at Totally Texas Tech with some new photos of the continuing construction at Jones AT&T Stadium and the Northside arches.
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