Big 12 Roundup | WVU Upsets Oklahoma St.; OU Wins at Notre Dame; ISU Gets Win

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma St. suffers their first loss of the season against a struggling West Virginia team, while Oklahoma looks dominant at Notre Dame and Iowa St. gets a win at Tulsa.

A couple of observations before we get to each blog's thoughts on their game of the weekend.

  • I want to clarify the reason why I do this. 1) I think it's good to read what the people that are closely following their respective team's performance. Each writers knows their team infinitely better than you will. 2) It is good to get a different perspective. I could write a summary, but I think that the blog writer's summary is so much more in tune than anything that I could write.
  • I decided to add the score from the game that week and the upcoming opponent, just to give some context about the result and the next opponent.
  • West Virginia looked like a real football team that was mean and nasty, something I wasn't expecting at all. Holgrosen looked like a coach that was really passionate about that game. I have no idea how Joe DeForest still has a job.
  • Oklahoma looked dominant on the road against Notre Dame. I can't comprehend how Blake Bell didn't win the quarterback job heading out of fall camp. This doesn't make any sense, other than the coaches had Trevor Knight pegged as their guy and were going to name him as the starter no matter what or Bell wasn't very good for an entire month. I tend to believe the former and I can't figure out why.
  • Oklahoma St. looked really mortal and I think this is going to be true of really any Big 12 team, that there probably won't be a dominant team this year. At least, I con't think so. I think that every team has flaws, but I'm really starting to believe in Oklahoma. Walsh had looked immortal for the better part of the season, but very much came back down to earth on Saturday.
  • Iowa St. gets a nice win on the road at Tulsa. Iowa St. and Tulsa are now officially rivals or something. Anyway, their offense looked a lot better after looking pretty pathetic against Iowa.

Our Daily Bears (Baylor Bears)
What Happened: Bye week.
Up Next: West Virginia

Wide Right & Natty Lite (Iowa St. Cyclones)
What Happened: Iowa St. 38, Tulsa 21
After a disappointing start to the season for the very experienced, possibly overhyped Cyclones' running back stable, it was newcomer Aaron Wimberly who finally seized the reins to the rushing attack, piling up 137 yards on 19 carries. Meanwhile, senior Jeff Woody was left with a very Ryan Kock-ish stat line of 6 carries for 12 yards and THREE touchdowns. Who knew that giving one running back enough carries to get into a rhythm and using Jeff Woody in his natural role of WoodyUpTheMiddle (repeat ad nauseum) would result in the offense resembling an FBS caliber offense once again? Sam Richardson had a very workmanlike day at the office, completing 26 of 41 for 255 yards, but he spread the ball around to 10 different receivers, keeping the chains moving for the Cyclone offense, leading to a 35:37-24:23 domination in time of possession for Iowa State, nearly the exact opposite of that stat in the Cy-Hawk game against Iowa 10 days ago. (Link)
Up Next: Texas

Rock Chalk Talk (Kansas Jayhawks)
What Happened: Bye week.
Up Next: Texas Tech

Bring On The Cats (Kansas St. Wildcats)
What Happened: Bye week.
Up Next: @ Oklahoma St.

Crimson and Cream Machine (Oklahoma Sooners)
What Happened: Oklahoma 35, Notre Dame 21
Despite a 3-0 record and a recorded shutout on the season, there were still several questions surrounding the Oklahoma defense as the headed to South Bend to take on Notre Dame. Some questioned schemes and personnel while other skeptics wondered about the level of competition. When the dust settled at Notre Dame Stadium we had the answers that we needed. Oklahoma's defense is fast. They are powerful up front and have a knack for getting to the ball. Six different defenders were credited with making plays in the Notre Dame backfield and the group was particularly good at tormenting Tommy Rees. The Irish quarterback was sacked once, hurried five other times, had six passes broken up, and was forced into three interceptions. (Link)
Up Next: TCU

Cowboys Ride For Free (Oklahoma St. Cowboys)
What Happened: Oklahoma St. 21, West Virginia 30
That was Iowa State and Arizona all rolled into one. The entire game, from both sides of the ball. Yurcich's play calling sucked. Walsh's passing sucked. The offensive line sucked. Our secondary gave up so many deep balls I got dizzy watching. Kip Smith shanking punts. Ben Grogan missing FG's. Cowboys should drop clear out of the top 25. Get a break on an incomplete pass in the end zone on 3rd down, then go whiffity whiff whiff on 1st and goal and Grogan doinks the chip shot. This was some of Squinky's best work. Not one killer play, but an overwhelming batch of incompetent actions that not even West Virginia's lousy offense could screw up. Time to reassess. Baylor may be the juggernaut. Possibly OU. The team we saw today might win 8 games, if only because the conference is so bad. But what we saw today makes that no sure thing. Dana, I love you. I also hate you. Get ready folks, because next week ain't no guarantee. Nothing will be. Not like this. (Link)
Up Next: Kansas St.

Burnt Orange Nation (Texas Longhorns)
What Happened: Bye week.
Up Next: @ Iowa St. (Thursday)

Barking Carnival (Texas Longhorns)
What Happened: Bye week.
Up Next: @ Iowa St. (Thursday)

Frogs O War (TCU Horned Frogs)
What Happened: TCU 48, SMU 17
Wow, if there was ever a game that was a tale of two halves, this was certainly it. In the first half TCU was getting the same stupid penalties, the same stupid playcalling and the same stupid turnovers that have forced TCU to try to win games with one arm behind their backs. SMU scored first and the stat of June Jones being 16-0 when the Mustangs score first flashed on the screen, and through the first half it certainly looked like it may stay that way as TCU's offense was absolutely dreadful in the first half and Gilbert looked to be settling into a nice groove. Even after halftime TCU's playcalling was still frustratingly pass-centric as Boykin came out looking to throw on each of TCU's first five plays of the half, and only after a (short) torrential downpour did TCU go to the ground game in earnest. And with that... everything started to work. Gilbert threw pick after pick, ending the game with four, he was sacked a total of eight times and TCU's offense started to dominate through balance. The key to the offensive success: the threat of the run opened up the play action passing game, and suddenly Boykin was feeling the passing game too, with play action screens turning into huge gains (including Ja'Juan Story's first TCU touchdown). Even when Brandon Carter did his best to flip momentum back to SMU with fumbles and moronic personal foul penalties the Frogs continued to pour on the pressure and the points. This could be the start of a big turnaround for TCU heading into the second third of the season with a key game against Oklahoma coming up, but only if the Frogs remember the lessons of today. Jarrett Anderson... Run the damn ball. Now, it's 5:30 AM and I'm going to bed. Go Frogs! (Link)
Up Next: @ Oklahoma

The Smoking Musket (West Virginia Mountaineers)
What Happened: Oklahoma St. 21, West Virginia 30
The defense was nothing short of spectacular, creating a trio of turnovers (2 int, 1 fumble) that became 13 points for the Mountaineers, including an electric 58 yard interception return for a touchdown by Ishmael Banks that provided a needed energy jolt in the first quarter. The numbers weren't spectacular - Oklahoma State had 433 total yards - but the staunch rushing defense was notable as it only allowed 111 on the ground on 40 attempts for a 2.8 average. Cowboy tailback Jeremy Smith, who entered the game with 176 yards and a 4.8 average per carry was held to 1 yard on 15 carries. Yes, you read that correctly. D linemen, linebackers and DBs alike made a parade of spectacular plays, from Karl Joseph's leaping pass deflection on 3rd down to Shaq Rowell's stuff on 3rd and short. Both plays stopped a Cowboy offense that could never get traction to run downhill against a Mountaineer D that they torched for 55 points a year ago. For an inexperienced WVU team struggling to find an identity, this might have been the game that showed them their ideal blueprint. An attacking defense that dominates and an offense that does just enough to win the game. (Link)
Up Next: @ Baylor

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