Possible Red Raiders: 9/3/2013

Players and Students rush the field after a Double OT thriller over Kansas

Silvester Hayes has a favorite, Daniels and Stockton square off for the #4, and was the SMU game ill timed? Plus a review over two of Tech's recruits and an Introduction of myself.

Hello Viva the Matadors! I'm MikeTTU and I am a new writer on this site, writing on Texas Tech recruits and commits. I will be doing a weekly update every Tuesday on what Red Raider recruits are doing, if they have new offers or if they are leaning towards a certain school. Also, I will give my insight on a few recruits every week, showing their recruiting process, their film, and some offers they received. If you find any new information in the week that I have not posted, feel free to do so in comments. I am not perfect and don't get every single update.

A little bit about myself, I am a freshmen at Texas Tech who is from Irving, TX (right outside of Dallas, TX). This is my first year attending Tech, and I am going towards a Computer Engineering Bachelors and maybe Master's degree. Other than Texas Tech, my favorite sport teams are from Boston, due to my dad growing up in the area. I will start tweeting once I get some followers, so if you want to follow me, my twitter account is @Michael_LaB. Now on to recruits...

Corey Avery - All Purpose Back / Athlete (David W. Carter HS, Dallas, TX)

Height: 5'10" Weight: 180 lbs 40 time: 4.55

Ratings: 85 by 247 / 5.6 by Rivals / 81 by ESPN

Have you seen this kid's offer list? It is ridiculous the programs that are after him. Nebraska, Ohio State and LSU have offered him, with Texas, Alabama and USC showing interest. The one thing that I noticed from his film, is that the kid has a knack for hitting the smallest of holes in the defense. Once he gets through them, it's nearly impossible to stop this kid. He plays in Dallas too, so you know his competition has got to be good. Anyway, he expressed interest in the Longhorns since he was a junior, but they haven't offered and I don't think they will due to the fact they have 23 commits already. Recently he has stated he wants to play with a speedy offense, which fortunately, Tech has. Pay attention to this kid in the future.

Here is his film from Prepforce.com

UPDATE: Corey Avery told DMN that he has narrowed it down to Baylor and Texas Tech, stating that he likes the way both offenses run, that they're both spread and pass-based offenses.Corey is looking to play as a slot receiver at the next level. He will commit near the end of September.

Junior Onyenah - Defensive Tackle (Grapevine HS, Grapevine, TX)

Height: 6'2.5" Weight: 280 lbs

Ratings: NR by 247 / 5.4 by Rivals / NR by ESPN

He doesn't have a whole bunch of offers, namely Kansas, Iowa State and K-State, on the table. In fact, Tech hasn't even offered him yet. However, Junior attended Texas Tech's camp on 6/10/2013 and has been waiting for an offer from the Red Raiders ever since. He has the body frame of Kerry Hyder Jr., and has a pretty good swim move too. Looking at his film, he is good at squeezing between linemen and pushing them inside to ether tackle the RB or disrupt the play and force the player to go outside. He bull rush in my opinion isn't the best, but at least he doesn't lose his ground using that move, forcing RBs to fight through and find an alternative route. This kid actually played in my team's division last year, although I don't remember anything from the game. Anyway, if Tech does decide to pull the trigger on Junior, I wouldn't be surprised if he committed.

On to some recruiting updates and other information:

Hey TTUSOL14, I finally have that Silvester Hayes update you were looking for. According the DMN, Silvester has named Texas Tech his leader thus far. He looks to visit Texas Tech in a couple of weeks, which my guess would be right after the TCU game or during the Texas State game. He also names Oklahoma and Oklahoma State as schools he has interest in, but neither have offered him a scholarship. He plans on visiting Stillwater soon after he visits Tech though. He looks to commit about mid way through his football season.

Byron Daniels and Justin Stockton played each other, and winner would receive the #4 at Tech once Bradley Marquez left. Byron Daniels ended up winning the game with a game leading TD with a minute left in the game, so he will wear 4 at Tech.

Friday night had the whole nation thinking, who is this Baker Mayfield kid? Well I was wondering why he walked on at Tech and what his recruiting page was like, so I visited his 247, Rivals and ESPN recruiting page. Apparently, this kid was actually ranked a decent 3-star recruit, ranked 84 by 247, 5.6 by Rivals and 70 by ESPN. He had offers from New Mexico, Florida Atlantic and Rice, and once Washington State. He can throw, run and dance. I think he lucked out on this one.

Well as all of you know, that game against SMU was on a Friday night, and I was wondering, was that better or worse for us? On one hand, we were on ESPN, so the game was broadcast nationally for everyone to see Kliff Kingsbury's first game and how he preformed for the world to see. However, it was on a Friday night, when most of the High School recruits are playing football. The local recruits couldn't come to the game because they were busy under the Friday Night Lights. So my question is, would we have been better off playing SMU on local channels on a Saturday or on National TV on Friday night?

Finally, I found some stats from our commits and recruits. Here's how they did:

Patrick Mahomes: 23-40, 453 yrds, 4 TDs and 0 ints. 12 for 12 rushing with a TD.

Demarcus Felton: 19 for 219 and 3 TDs

Corey Avery: 27 carries for 297 yrds and 4 TDs

Justin Stockton: 15 carries for 190 yrds and a TD

Ian Sadler: 7 receptions for 117 yrds and a TD; 7 carries for 32 yrds and a TD

Jakari Dillard: 2 catches for 55 yrds

Byron Daniels: 8 catches for 72 yrds and a TD, also 2 rushes for 16 yrds

LJ Collier: Had 2 TDs, thats all it shows

Dakota Allen: 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack and 1 FF; ejected in 2 qrt for helmet to helmet hit.

Tevin Madison: 20 yrds TD catch, 3 yrd TD run, 3 pass def ; injured elbow during game

Joseph Clark: 8 carries for 110 yrds, five tackles and a FF

Derrick Dixon: High ankle sprain, no stats

Jah'Shawn Johnson: Cramps, only 10 snaps.

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