Texas Tech Morning Links | Soccer Beats ISU; Smith Inducted to UK HOF; Football Links

John Weast

The soccer team gets their first Big 12 win of the year beating Iowa St. Tubby Smith is inducted in the University of Kentucky Hall of Fame. Lots of miscellaneous football links, high school recruits and performances and the big games of the week.

LINKS | Happy Saturday morning to everyone. I hope you all have a great rainy day.  I'll have an open thread for the games of the day going up at 11:00 am.

This morning, I'm listening to the Dawes playlist on YouTube. I now get all of my music recommendations from VTM and the DFW public radio station, 91.7 @ KXT.org. It's really a great station, they'll play everything from current stuff like Dawes or Avett Brothers or Vampire Weekend, to the Beatles, to Aretha Franklin, to Al Green, to Led Zeppelin, to Elvis Costello to just about everything else in between. No commercials, listener supported.

Viva The Matadors

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  • Soccer | The soccer team takes a 2-1 win over Iowa St. on Friday night for the team's first Big 12 win of the year. Congrats and Wreck 'Em! The next game is on Sunday.
  • Men's Basketball | Congrats to Tubby Smith for being inducted into the University of Kentucky Hall of Fame. What a terrific honor for Smith who is humbled by the honor:
    "It wasn’t about me," Smith said. "I’ve had the good fortune of continuing Kentucky’s tradition — one of the greatest college basketball programs ever. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been a part of it."

    To Smith, this recognition stands as his part in continuing the success and tradition of UK basketball.

    "That’s what it means to me," Smith said. "It’s a very humbling award."
    In other news, the men's basketball schedule was finalized (I had not realized that it was not finalized).
  • Women's Basketball | Congrats to Ryan Hyatt for returning to the Lady Raider broadcast team!
  • Football | Nothing really related to the team, the one actually playing on Saturdays. There was this bit from the LAJ about some of the players, C Jared Kaster and QB Baker Mayfield, trying to eat the Pancake House 15 egg omelet challenge. Kaster finished, Mayfield did not.

    In two different types of Red Raider news, via the DMN, Cody Davis was recalled off the St. Louis practice squad and the Shreveport Times has a profile on former Red Raider Daniel Cobb who is one of the leaders for the Louisiana Tech defense.

    In recruiting news, 24/7 Sports has a lengthy post on a ton of notable high school players and their performances last night. Not listed is Texas Tech commit QB Patrick Mahomes (there are other players not listed, he was just one that I noticed) and his Whitehouse team played Carthage and won 63-39. HC Kliff Kingsbury was at this game and Mahomes threw for 396 yards, 7 touchdowns and ran for 83 yards. ESPN has a recruiting mailbag and asked if Texas Tech could break the top 25, which I don't think they will because I think there's going to be some JUCO players that will bring the average down a bit, which is fine. I think there are a lot of talented players.

    CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman was asked about what he thought about Texas Tech's chances to make it to a BCS bowl, also from Feldman are his picks for the week and SI has some of their picks for this week's games.

    And probably my favorite preview of the week's big games comes from Matt Hinton and Football Outsiders. Just love this.
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