Texas Tech Morning Links | Soccer Set to Start Big 12 Season; Cross Country in Stillwater


The soccer begins their Big 12 season in Ames against Iowa St. Cross Country is set to run in Stillwater at the Cowboy Jamboree. Some significant movement with the former college players against EA Sports and the NCAA.

LINKS | You made it the entire week and I sure hope that we helped.  SARR and I have our weekly conversation coming up later this morning.

  • Soccer | The soccer team opens play tonight in Ames against Iowa St. and then turns around and plays Oklahoma St. in Stillwater. The official site has details, including a live video stream. The DT has an excellent preview of tonight's match and the DT also has a look at the Big 12 overall, so you know what teams are good and what teams aren't so great. Good stuff DT.
  • Cross Country | The official site with details on the cross country team traveling to Stillwater for the Cowboy Jamboree. The DT has more details and Kennedy Kithuka sounds like an honest and confident dude.
  • Letterman's Association | The LAJ talks with Rodney Allison, who is in charge of Texas Tech's previously defunct lettermen association, the Double T Varsity Club. I say defunct in that it always existed, but nothing was happening and the former lettermen weren't connecting and you can thank Kirby Hocutt for fixing this. Here's Allison's goal:
    "It’s to reach out to every single athlete that’s ever played here," Allison said. "From the calculations I’ve done, there’s probably roughly between 5,000 and 5,500 former Tech athletes in every sport out there somewhere, and we’ve got information and contact information on about a thousand.

    "What we’re trying to do is build a database of correct information — which will never happen totally — but it’s a tool to reach out to every athlete that wore the red and black here and, in a lot of cases, connect and in a lot of cases reconnect."
    I don't think that many former athletes read VTM, but if there are any former athletes that do, then do yourself a favor and contact Allison. The contact info is a little tough to find, but you can find it here at the official site and their Twitter @DoubleTVarsity.
  • Football | Yesh, not a lot out there. Not for Texas Tech. I've got yesterday's video from the film break down with Brandon Rawe and Matt Wallerstedt embedded below and that's very much worth your time. FSSW has some storylines for week 5. Clint Trickett will be starting for West Virginia as the Mountaineers are reeling a bit.

    I mentioned late yesterday that EA Sports will no longer have their college football video game series and they settled with the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. I think this is a good thing. The NCAA says that they will take this all the way to the Supreme Court. I do not think this is a good thing. The demise of the video game (this makes me sound old) may be bad for some of you, but good for the game itself. I think this is the first step in the AD's realizing that they cannot make money off of a player likeness. I don't think I said this all that well, but I think a player owns his or her name, not the NCAA or the college and that a player should be compensated if someone is going to use their likeness.  

    Maybe set up some sort of trust fund for the player after graduation or the player leaves. I'd be fine with no college being permitted to use a number other than 1 or 99 or some generic number.  I haven't really figured out how to solve this, but I do think that it is important that the colleges and the NCAA stop making money off of a player's name or likeness unless that player has graduated and can negotiate something on his own with the college or NCAA.

ACTION | Great stuff.

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