Texas Tech Morning Links | Volleyball Loses; Soccer Climbs Polls; Baseball Update

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Not a ton of stuff out there this morning, at least not football related. The volleyball team loses their conference season opener to Oklahoma. The soccer team continues to climb up the polls and we get an update on the baseball team.

LINKS | These are your morning links.  As an aside, I guess that the football team is on lockdown this week, not meeting with the media this week and neither are the coaches.  Remember when this was a big deal earlier in fall practice?  Me neither.  I think I wrote then and I'll write it again, this seemed like the media was more disgruntled than anything else that they couldn't get new stories out there.  We'll make it through this bye, I promise. Coming up today, we have an interview with former writer for the DT and Lubbock sportscaster, Eddy Clinton.  Lots of stories.

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  • Hall of Fame & Hall of Honor | Texas Tech announced that they were inducting six individuals to the Hall of Fame and two individuals to the Hall of Honor.
    • Hall of Fame: Rodney Blackshear (Football, 1987-91), Chris Blocker (Men's Golf, 1959-61), Harold Denney (Men's Basketball, 1962-65), Pat Hartsfield (Football, 1954-57), Lisa Hilgers (Volleyball, 1995-98) and Kenny Vinyard (Football, 1966-68).
    • Hall of Honor: Larry Anderson (Baseball Letterwinner) and Larry Hays (Head Baseball Coach 1987-2008)
    You can read about these inductees at the LAJ and the DT.
  • Volleyball | The volleyball team opened with a loss to the Sooners in Norman in 4 sets (official site).
  • Soccer | The soccer team has moved up to #15 in the coaches poll and will travel to Ames on Friday to play Iowa St. and then travel to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma St. on Sunday.
  • Baseball | The official site has an update on the baseball team in video form, while if you would rather read about it (like me) then check out the DT. As a quick aside, Ryan Long is a freshman middle infielder from Crandall and Ryan's dad delivered diesel to my old man's farm for a long time. Really good family.
  • Football | Not really anything out there this morning. There's a general look at the Big 12 from the LAJ. Also, the college athletic directors are apparently not in favor of paying players, which isn't a shock, I suppose. There are a lot of issues in paying individuals that the AD's are thinking about that we might not be thinking about, plus AD's are as concerned about a budget and the actual money in paying those players than anything else. There's a lot of student athletes there and so many slippery slopes. Too early to wrap my head around it all this morning.

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