Possible Red Raiders: Weekly Recruiting Update - 9/24/13

Texas Tech driving on Texas State - MikeTTU

Commits thinking about recommitting to Tech, Basketball recruits plan visits, Zach Smith enjoyed his time and Two recruits go elsewhere. Plus, a look at recruits Vincent Jackson and Dylan Douglass.

Tech is having a handful of recruits visit within the next few weeks for both football and basketball. I may miss a name within all the madness, so if I do, just comment about it. Those who visited last weekend did say they enjoyed their visit, which is always a good thing. This football recruiting close is going to close strong I believe, with the basketball class getting notice too. This is a big year recruiting wise boys. Anyway, here's an insight on two linebackers, Vincent Jackson and Dylan Douglass, two big boys.

Vincent Jackson - Outside Linebacker / Tight End (Jesuit HS, Tampa, FL)

Height: 6'2 Weight: 235 lbs

Ratings: 83 by 247 / 80 by ESPN / 5.7 by Rivals

Interest: Alabama (High), Miami (High), Oregon* (High), Texas Tech (Medium)

*No offer from school yet

When I saw this kid, the first thing that popped in my head was Terrance Bullitt. There are a lot of thing I like about his film (hudl), and some things that I didn't (by the way when you watch it, turn the sound off. The song is called Love Sosa and it's the worst thing in the world). What I find incredible is his strength, pushing down guys on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball. At times he pushes guys out of the way to make a huge hit on the ball carrier. Another element I like is that he plays many positions. I saw him play DE, OLB and TE. At one point he was covering a RB like a DB. The one item I did not really like from Vincent is his stance when he's in his primary position, OLB. He stands straight up, and sometimes goes into a two point stance (like a WR). He doesn't seem to get low on guys unless he's playing on the line. I don't think Tech has a real good chance at this guy, but he will visit Tech on what I think is an official visit, which is never a bad thing. He's a steal if we get him, not a big deal if we don't.

Dylan Douglass - Outside Linebacker (Canyon HS, Canyon, TX)

Height: 6-3 Wright: 220 lbs 40: 4.7 secs

Ratings: 81 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.3 by Rivals

Interest: Rice (Warm), Texas State (Warm), Texas* (Warm), Texas Tech* (Cool)

Dylan unofficially visited Texas Tech this past weekend and really enjoyed the visit. What I liked most about the kid is the fact he has a knack for the ball. At multiple times in the film (hudl) he located the ball and either hit the carrier and retrieved the football. His strength helps him make sure the guy he's talking is down. His 40 time is listed as a 4.7, but I don't really believe that. It seemed to me that his speed was a little slow. Also it never showed anytime where he had to really cut, so I'm not sure how he does in that category. Dylan has gone to both Texas and Texas Tech camps and unofficial visits, and are the only schools to do that. Texas's class looks almost done, so they're probably not going to offer, but if Tech does, I believe this kid will lean towards the good guys and eventually commit here.

Here is some updates over the past week:

Football Recruiting 2014:

  • Nigel Bethel III, Miami DB commit from Miami, made an official visit to Texas Tech this past weekend. He also visited Utah the week before us, which makes me believe his commitment to Miami isn't solid yet. He lives in the city so maybe he want's to be like Southwest Airlines and "wanna get away" (Cue drum noise).
  • Keyon Dilosa, an ATH from Round Rock, was rated an 82 last week. His only offers stand from Texas Tech and just this past week Houston. He is listed as 6'3" and would most likely be a WR at the next level. He listed in 247 as a top target for Tech, so he might end up committing to Tech. Haven't been able to find film on him yet though.
  • Owen Williams, DT from El Dorado, KS, has scheduled an official visit for October 11, same weekend as homecoming. Tech is only school to have offered or even look at Williams.
  • Texas Tech is testing the Longhorns right now. Tech is fighting Texas for TCU decommit Zaycoven Henderson and Texas commit Trey Lealaimatafao. Zaycoven is leaning towards the Longhorns right now, but is taking an official visit to Tech, while I know nothing about Trey's situation, other than he tweet he got offered by the good guys. It looks like Kliff isn't afraid to mess with the big boys though.
  • This isn't 2014, but 2013 commit Devin Lauderdale is working his way up from Navarro CC to Tech so he can be on campus by December. I'm happy this kid is trying to hard to get to Tech, shows great things.

Basketball Recruiting 2014:

  • Leon Gilmore, 92 rated SF from Manvel, committed to Creighton yesterday, after just visiting Texas Tech this weekend. This comes as a shocker, seeing that he just came back from a good visit to Lubbock.
  • Jeff Newberry, 89 rated JUCO PG from New Mexico, also committed this past weekend, except to Oklahoma State to replace Marcus Smart. Not the end of the world though, a lot of high recruits are looking at Tech this year.
  • Kelan Martin, 90 rated SF/PF from Louisville, will be visiting Butler, St. Louis and Texas Tech over the next 3 weekends. I feel confident that Tubby can lure in Kelan, with Brad Stevens from Butler leaving to the C's (Go Celtics!) and St. Louis, although good, not being in an FBS conference. Even though St. Louis is close to home, hopefully we can pitch him something better.
  • Jackson Davis, NR recruit from Lexington, has planned a visit with Texas Tech. He will visit Columbia on 10/3, Tech on 10/10, and unofficial to Indiana State on 11/8. I think we have a pretty good shot at getting him.
  • Zachary Smith, NR SF from Plano, went to Tech this weekend and enjoyed his visit. I think he did. He also has offers from Creighton, Marquette and Nebraska.

Football Recruiting 2015+:

  • Justin Dunning and Jake Lockhart are getting huge attention from major programs. Even though Patrick Mahomes and Jah'Shawn Johnson are trying to persuade these guys to Tech, it's going to look pretty hard to do so. Maybe a good season will help them choose us.
  • Collin Wilder, 2016 Safety, visited Texas this past weekend. The week before he was here in Lubbock, so looks like he has interest in both.
  • Chris Warren, 2015 ATH, visited Texas Tech this past weekend. He has interest from Alabama, Clemson and Ohio state also, so if we can get Chris, this would be a major win for Tech.

Also I'm cruious, those who go to recruiting websites, which one do you like the best. Personally, I like 247 because they give you the most information on the player (interest, visits, camps, etc.). I tend to use 247, Rivals and ESPN for the analyst, but when I'm just listing information, I tend to just include 247. I don't use scout that often because in my opinion, the site is hard to get around and there isn't a lot of information it seems like, similar to ESPN, who basically dumbs it down for the viewer. So which one do you guys like the best.

Update: From DoubleTFaithful - Keland McElrath committed to Tech. Dt from Clarksdale Coahoma CC. Listed as 6'5, 290 lbs DT. Looks like he also plays some offensive guard. Red flag for me is that he has "signed" with several schools already. U of Tennessee-Martin, Alabama A&M and is now at Coahoma CC, with a commitment to the good guys. NR by 247, 5.6 by Rivals, NR by ESPN.

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