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We're rounding up links on all fall sports, including football, volleyball, soccer, men's and women's tennis, softball and baseball.

Breathe. I feel like I've been going non-stop since the season started. In a good an exciting way, but I also haven't had time to keep track of the other sports. I remember last year when the soccer team did so well and I was thinking in the spring that I didn't remember a thing about the soccer season. It's because I was consumed with football and I just ignored everything else. A third into the season, and I've done the same thing.

So I'm doing my best effort to catch up on all of the other sports this morning. I'm I'm wrong or not detailed enough, leave a comment and help all of us. I'm doing this on the fly.

Viva The Matadors

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  • Football
    • Polls | Texas Tech moved up to #24 in the AP Top 25 and moved into the #25 spot in the Coaches Poll. I still think that Texas Tech has played the toughest opponent in TCU thus far, but that will change this week as Oklahoma plays Notre Dame. I'd also say that Texas Tech hasn't looked stellar in two of the three non-conference games. Convincing win against SMU, but not a blowout and a game where Texas Tech managed to put up 33 with just 2 offensive touchdowns. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to be 4-0 right now.
    • Five Keys and Rest | The LAJ has five key developments from the game and an article about how this week isn't a week to rest. The quotes are from after the game and talk about they have to keep getting better. The DMN also has their five storylines from the game.
    • Game Recap | The DT has a game recap from Saturday night. You may be wondering why I oftentimes link to the DT, a student newspaper. I don't know if other bloggers do this, but for some reason I like following these students work on their craft. Plus, the one regret from my undergrad is that I wish I had been a writer. I wish I had done what they are doing, but just never did it. I don't know why. I'm lucky in that I found an outlet here and SARR can probably attest that I feel fortunate to have VTM as an outlet. I want to see these guys and gals succeed.
  • Soccer | The soccer team is rolling as they beat UC Davis 3-0 on Friday and a 2-0 win against UC Santa Barbara on Sunday (link). The soccer team is rolling right now and in a good way. They are the most dominant team on campus right now, that includes the football team, and it's not even that close. Conference play starts on Friday against Iowa St. in Ames with kickoff @ 7:00 pm.
  • Volleyball | The football team isn't the only team that beat Texas St. as the volleyball team notched a win against the Bobcats and raised their record to 7-8 for the year.  The volleyball team will also start conference play on Wednesday against the Sooners in Norman.
  • Tennis
    • Men's Team | I have a heck of a time trying to summarize an entire tennis tournament or to know whether or not the team did well or not, especially since I'm doing such a poor job of keeping track of the team, so I'll just let you know that the men's team competed in the 2013 Wyndham Houston Medical Center Rice Fall Invitational.
    • Women's Team | The headline for this link on the official site was more telling about the women's performance as the #18 women's team apparently dominated at the Little Rock Classic this weekend.
  • Baseball | Head coach Tim Tadlock apparently assembled the #27 recruiting class in nation this year from Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, which is pretty impressive considering that Texas Tech has had a middling team for a handful of years. One spot ahead of TCU and behind Oklahoma St., Texas and Oklahoma. You can check out the fall roster and the schedule for the fall, including the Red & Black series in October.
  • Softball | The softball team announced the fall schedule and opened up fall practices. The softball team was very young last year and return 12 players from last year's team.

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