Texas State v. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots

Not Pictured: Ryan Gosling - Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So, a bobcat and a fox walk in to a bar...

Anything can happen on the sidelines here in Lubbock. Let's hope we don't have to resort to this.

TTU v. TX St. – Lubbock Events:

Wednesday, September 18th

At'l Do Farms
The Corn Maize

This is a great place to take your significant other and/or family. Could be a nice first date option that I think The Pirate would approve. They opened up for the season on September 14th and run until November 30th. The Maize is closed on Mondays, but open Tuesday-Friday from 6-9pm, Saturday from 10am-9pm, and Sunday from 2-9pm.

The Blue Light
Cory Dutton Band

Thursday, September 19th

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs w/ The Uprising - Doors Open at 8:00pm

The Office
Two Tons of Steel - 9:00pm

The Blue Light
Midnight River Choir w/ Shane Smith

Friday, September 20th

Mark Wallney & Mike Pritchard – 4:30pm

ATO Gator Fest 2013
Kyle Park, The Rankin Twins, and Sam Riggs - 6:00pm

This is the 4th annual event of its kind here in Lubbock. It's essentially a big street party on the corner of University & Main. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15.

Cagle Steaks
The TriTones - 6:30pm

Las Brisas
D.G. Flewellyn – 7:00pm

Armed for Apocalypse - Doors Open at 7:00pm

Wild West
Shane Rogers CD Release Party - 8:00pm

The Office
Bleu Edmondson w/ Kimberly Dunn - 9:00pm

Jenni Dale Lord - 8:00pm

Cafe J
Zach Newberry - 9:00pm

The Blue Light
No Dry County w/ Washington Revival

Saturday, September 21st

The Funky Door
Alma Quartet - 11:30am (for brunch)

Jones AT&T Stadium – 6:00pm

The game is a sellout, and we are asked to White Out the Jones. This is the Celebrate Cotton game. I grew up farming cotton with my dad, so I think this is an excellent way to pay tribute to the farmers in the cotton industry. I remember geeking out last year after seeing one of these in person for the first time parked near the northwest gate. It picks cotton, bales cotton, and BLOWS MINDS.

Wild West
Hudson Moore - 8:00pm

Darren Welch Group - Doors Open at 9:00pm

Cafe J
Rhythm Rigs - 9:00pm

Bash Riprock's
The Randall King Band - 9:00pm

The Office
Whips and Kisses - 9:00pm

The Blue Light
Sean McConnell w/ Folk Family Revival


Big E's Barbeque (1802 Buddy Holly)

You probably know it as "that great BBQ pit set up behind what used to be Klusoz that's open late on the weekend". Big E's has sausage wraps, brisket, fajita tacos and BBQ plates. And did you know they are open for lunch on Fridays? You can tell the crew at Big E's takes their BBQ seriously. Sometimes it's tough to find good BBQ in Lubbock, but this place is the real deal.

What say you, VTMers?

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