Dumb people that send tweets to important people

Our Daily Bears didn't want to talk about Fantasy Football with a little guy.

Twitter is a place where famous and important people share their wealth of knowledge and genius and humor. It's also a place where the little people try to talk to them.

Twitter is an interesting platform.  Anyone can join and send messages and reply to whoever they want.  It took me a while to realize that trying to talk to the important people in the world is a futile effort.  I spent 3 months trying to get invited to Metta World Peace's Nerds and Nurses Costume Party and he never responded.  I was crushed.

On Twitter, the important people don't talk TO people, they talk AT people.  You little people need to learn that.  Here are some examples I found this morning.

This guy is sending a subtle message to Erin Andrews, letting her know where he is today just in case. She didn't respond.

And this guy doesn't have time for no Aristotle crap during footbaw. Desmond didn't reply.

This guy wants to change the subject too. Important Mark May didn't even favorite the tweet.

In this tweet both the important person and the little person are able to reach 100% of something, but the very important Lou Holtz had no time for conversation.

Even an inspirational quote from Bill Cosby couldn't inspire this little person from expressing his displeasure with the very important Mack Brown.  And the very important Mack Brown couldn't find the time to retweet for a passionate fan.

And this is just a weird question for the fake coach of Nebraska, but of course he didn't answer.

Here's Ubben and some other very important people talking about Baker Mayfield's crotch.  The important people didn't even have the courtesy to give the little person that tweeted them an acknowledgement.

Every Day Should Be Saturday won't even take a few seconds to block me.

And last but not least we'll focus on a famous cat. This cat is probably the biggest name on Twitter and he rudely never responds to the little people that respond to the tidbits he sends out.  It's the ultimate example of what's wrong with Twitter.

Twitter would be a much better place if the big important people would start paying attention to all us little guys.

We're just trying to have a conversation.

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