Red Raider Gridiron | Kingsbury Reportedly Good-Looking

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Reports out of Lubbock indicate that head coach Kliff Kingsbury is good-looking and the internet is swooning of Texas Tech's reported head coach.

I'll have a new post up at 11:00 am this morning for those that want to comment on any games today.

1. Notebook Things | The LAJ has a notebook after the game that usually has some good stuff in it, just not enough time right after a game. In any event, there was the note that RG James Polk and DT Jackson Richards both started, but it seems that the defensive tackles rotate so much it doesn't matter all that much. Still, good-on Richards. Also getting the nod over P Ryan Erxleben was P Taylor Symmank, which I realized, but it just didn't register with me immediately. Also of note was that OLB Andre Ross and S John White (a walk-on) were both out and in street clothes for the game. Good stuff.

2. Kingsbury Reportedly Good-Looking | These are not Onion-style articles, at least I don't think so, and I'm just going to link the actual title to the articles because the headlines are great:

* Business Insider | The Internet Is Swooning Over The College Football Coach Who Looks Like Ryan Gosling
* Jobs and Hire | Young Coach Scores Popularity For Being Ryan Gosling Look-Alike: Kliff Kingsbury Grabs Attention During Televised ESPN Game

The entire internet is swooning?  How in the hell?  This is an actual quote from the Jobs and Hire article:

New Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury made his debut in a nationally televised ESPN game last night, and many were surprised not only for his insanely young age for a head coach at 34, but also for his gorgeous looks that channels Ryan Gosling.

Yahoo! reported that first-year Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury has just returned to the school he quarterbacked and had drawn a lot of attention after replacing Tommy Tuberville in Lubbock.

Reports stated that the young head coach had played quarterback for Texas Tech in the early 2000s before he decided to move into coaching.

Kingsbury was reportedly the offensive architect behind Johnny Manziel's 2012 season at Texas A&M, and he returned to Lubbock this summer to take the head job for the Red Raiders.

And then someone at the Business Insider made this dead-sexy GIF:

Don't try to look away, it's okay.

3. Kingsbury on SVP | Kingsbury was on the Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo Show yesterday and he was asked about his "blouse" and not his shirt, which I find hilarious, and how good looking he is (Screw you Hoiberg!) and about some football too. I do enjoy Van Pelt, he's one of the good guys.

4. Game Photos | Go visit Totally Texas Tech for some awesome game photos from the TCU game. Great stuff as always TTURed!

5. HS Updates | 24/7 Sports has some updates on some Texas Tech commits, including WR Jakari Dillard, WR Ian Sadler, WR Byron Daniels, RB Justin Stockton, S Jah'Shawn Johnson, and S Joseph Clark.

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