Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update - 9/10/13

An hour before the Stephen F. Austin @ Texas Tech game - myself

Corey Avery is close to committing, TTU basketball has a few big names visit, 2015 recruits visiting campus soon and Some sons of former Red Raiders taking notice.

Wow, what a game last Saturday. I showed up from the game about an hour and fifteen and sat in the 2nd row near the goal post where all the scoring happened. That picture above is actually from the game. We set a new student record at 14,915, and actually there was more than that because some guys I know just walked in because there was so many people.

Before I get started here, I'd like to thank y'all for the comments left on my story last week. The welcoming was more than I expected and I really appreciated all the thanks and welcoming to the site. I saw there were some Q's, and I answered some, but not all of them. I'll go ahead and post those Q's on the page this week. Also I notcied some suggestions I will be using some of those too. Anyway, there was a lot of information on recruits this past week, most of them dealing with basketball actually. Before I get to that information though, I'm going to introduce two recruits...

Dominique Robertson - Offensive Tackle (Riverside CC, Riverside, CA)

Height: 6'5" Weight: 300 lbs

Ratings: 85 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.6 by Rivals

Interest: Arizona (Warm), Kansas State (Warm), Texas Tech (Warm), WVU (Warm)

This guy is a bully. From the beginning of his film he straight up put defensive linemen on their butts. I think I jumped back in the my chair after that first hit. There's not really anything from his tape (Film 1 and Film 2) that I didn't like. His strength is unbelievable, his feet are mobile enough to go up field and secure another block, and he can swing around for a screen too, which Tech has been using a lot of lately. The latest thing that happened in WVU offering him a scholarship on 8/28, but other than that, there hasn't been a lot of moves that I've seen lately. Tech does have two Riverside CC recruits on the roster in Will Smith and Sadale Foster, so Tech does have some history with this school. I have no details on when Dominique is thinking about committing.

Anthony Olobia - Denfensive Tackle (Arizona Western CC, Yuma, AZ)

Height: 6'5" Weight: 245 lbs

Ratings: 87 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.8 by Rivals

Interest: Texas Tech (Warmer), Kansas (Cool), Utah (Cool), Arizona (Cool)

Only the first 3 schools have offered this kid a scholarship, which is weird I think for a high 3-star/4-star recruit. And it's not like his film (Film) is bad at all either. The one thing that popped out the most about this kid is that he has some serious speed for a guy his size. He pushes guys aside to get the RB and QB. He tries mostly to squeeze between linemen, but also has a swim move and bull rush. Those two move, in my opinion, need a little bit of work, but so far it is doing fine for him. There hasn't been any real info on this guy for while. The latest I've heard about him is that he visited Tech on July 26th, 2013. He has mostly been quiet, and I expect him to wait around for a while, seeing if any Arizona schools will offer him. He also has a teammate OT named Pierson Owensby who is ranked 86 by 247 and only has an offer from Tech. Interesting...

Here are some comments from last week:

redraider4311: Thanks for the post. Do you have any idea if we have any chance to land Tony Brown (Beaumont). I hear he will probably commit to LSU; however, he has some TT bloodlines. Thanks.

MikeTTU: I have ignored him mostly because he's pretty much a done deal with LSU. Even if he does have TTU bloodlines, there are still many teams that are ahead of us for him, including Alabama, UT and A&M. We aren't quite to the stage of grabbing those high ranked recruits yet, hopefully we can get a a highly ranked recruit or two next year. Some 2015 4/5 star recruits to look at are Jalin Barnett, who unofficially visited TTU with commit Ivan Thomas and Marquise Overton, whose top interest is Tech at the moment, but when OU offers that could easily change.

redriadertom: Check out Coppell's Solomon Thomas. I believe he is a commit to UT, but he would certainly be a defensive force for Tech.

MikeTTU: Solomon hasn't committed yet, but signs don't point to Tech. UT was named the leader back on August 22nd, with Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State and Stanford trailing. There are some guys from the area that are looking at the Red Raiders though, including his talented back-up (I'll get to that later in the article).

Here are some recruiting updates:

  • Corey Avery to commit soon: According to the DMN, Corey Avery will commit to either Texas Tech or Baylor come the end of September. He looking to play slot receiver at the next level, and likes the high powered offences that Tech and Baylor have.
  • Mildren Montgomery, a commit to Texas Tech, visited Oklahoma on August 31st. Mildren is from Oklahoma, so it's not like he went out of his way to visit the university. OU hasn't offered Mildren, but if he does, it may be something to look at.
  • Justin Dunning, a 2015 recruit and Whitehouse player, has scheduled four unofficial visits this football season. Those schools are Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Tech has a Whitehouse player in Dylan Cantrell, along with commit Patrick Mahomes. Reggie Long and Vincent Dunning (brother of Justin) were also looked at by Texas Tech, but looks like neither will attend. Also, I just read that he tore his ACL last game against Tyler Chapel Hill. Hopefully he recovers fully.
  • Justin Gray, an 85 rated SF from Berkeley Prep, visited the red Raiders last weekend and enjoyed his visit. According to his twitter, he's a huge Tubby Smith fan, who greeted him off the plane and showed him around that weekend. Also he went to the football game against SFA, so safe to say he had a good time there. He really enjoyed his visit and I hope he eventually commits. He holds offers from us and Harvard and that's it.
  • Also, a Rivals150 PF visited Texas Tech this weekend also. The info is behind a paywall, so I can't get to it. My guess would be Mitch Solomon, but there is no proof of that other than he's a Rival150 Tech recruit.
  • Jeff Newberry, a NR guard from New Mexico JC, has recieved an offer from Texas Tech. WVU is leading the way right now recruiting wise, but Jeff just canceled his visit to Memphis is talk to Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Who knows what will happen.
  • Justin Gamble, 2015 WR from Stony Point, is leaning towards the Red Raiders. According to 247, he attended one of our camps back in June and only holds offers from Texas Tech and Texas State. He's 5'11", 170 lbs, and has a 4.58 40yrd dash. I'm going to go much into him because he's 2015 and a bits away still, but I do like him hands though. Here's his film
  • This something interesting I found yesterday. This story was posted last month, but 247 reported that Sam Tecklenburg, son of former Red Raider Kerry Tecklenburg, and Chris Biggurs, son of former Red Raider Charlie Biggurs, are both interested in Tech. Sam attended a Tech camp back on June 11th, and received an offer from Tech, his 3rd with SMU and Tulsa. He also isn't ranked by 247, but his composite ranking is 85. Chris is yet to have an offer, but unofficially visited Tech this summer. He is a back-up to 5 star DT Solomon Thomas, and right now is playing guard to help out his team. Got to love hearing about that. He isn't ranked at all by 247 either.
Finally, here's the link for how our commits did this past week in Friday Night Lights (or for Mahomes' and Clark's case, Thursday Night). TTpilk645 gave me the idea of a table and sent me one, but I'm still working stuff out and I don't have the time to update the names and numbers for all the commits this week. Next week it's going up though.

Update: Tyler CC OT Drew Sarvary will be visiting Texas Tech at some point. Coaches feel like he could start from day one

Update: Jeff Newberry will visit Thursday, the same day as the TCU game.
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