Red Raider Gridiron | Mayfield Speaks; Cleaning Up Mistakes

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Baker Mayfield briefly speaks about playing and HC Kliff Kingsbury knows that Mayfield has to clean up some mistakes.

1.  Sunday Morning | Normally, on a Sunday morning, the wealth of information available on the internets after a game is pretty daunting because there's really no way to link to any or all of it.  It's the reason why I don't link to everything here on VTM, I try to be selective on what I link to because not everything is worth linking to and I just don't have the time to do that.  If you want to read everything, type in "texas tech" into google news and you can go crazy.  With that being said, there were a handful of things that I thought I'd post this wonderful Sunday morning.

2.  Dodds on Kingsbury | CBS Sports Dennis Dodds had talked with Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury last week (he tweeted some things) and now that article is ready for print or publish or whatever we do on the internets.   This article is more than just about Friday night's win against SMU, but as you all are probably aware, Kingsbury doesn't let freshmen speak to the media.  Well, Dodds stole a few quotes from QB Baker Mayfield:

After the game in the modest Ford Stadium setting, Mayfield took a victory lap greeting friends in the stands and with SMU. It was like high school Friday Night Lights where he was already a hero going undefeated as a Lake Travis junior.

"I've been in this situation before," he said. "I played in a high-profile offense at Lake Travis, in the spotlight a lot. Obviously it's a bigger stage."

Sure, the kid's a longer shot than Manziel. He's out as soon as Brewer is healthy. Thing is, that may be a while. Mayfield, Gilbert and Brewer actually huddled together after the game, giggling like school girls.

"I love Michael," Mayfield said, "but I don't know when he'll be back."

I don't really have a lot to add, but I don't think that Mayfield is scared of the situation. I never got that feeling on Friday night.

3. Lumberjacks Lose to Weber St. | Stephen F. Austin is up next on the schedule, and I usually try to check these things out the morning or two after a game. The Lumberjacks played Weber St. on Saturday and lost 50-40 (boxscore). Weber St. ran for over 300 yards and SFA passed for 450 yards. This should be a fun game on Saturday.

4. Notes | After a game, I'm so focused on writing what I need to write that I tend to not care all that much about any other post-game thoughts because it's so dang time consuming to write something coherent and re-watch a game. The one article that I do like is the "note" bit from the LAJ because we'll get some injury updated information. The LAJ didn't have any updates about RG Beau Carpenter after the game and we should get something from Kingsbury (maybe) for his weekly press conference, but did verify that Tanner Jacobson, the preferred safety walk-on from Southlake Carroll also had his redshirt removed.

Also from the LAJ is this morning's article and there were some quotes from Kingsbury about how Mayfield has to clean up some of those tipped passes and near interceptions (there were 7 tipped passes and most likely near heart attacks for most of us on those throws):

"He was living right on some of those," Kingsbury said. "Just dropped some snaps. That can’t happen. We’ve got to clean that up. Get rid of the ball when it’s not there and don’t force it. If you’re going to call 70 passes for a true freshman, that’s going to happen, but he kept fighting and found a way."

Also was this bit from Kingsbury on Mayfield:

"He’ll do that," Kingsbury said. "He can rip it. He’s got a really strong arm. It can be a little too strong sometimes. He’s got to learn some touch on a couple of those throws, but he keeps attacking. That’s what’s fun about him."

Go check out the whole thing.

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