13 things We 'd like to see or the wild assed swags in the Tech Stats columns.

Tho most of these numbers I am throwing out are pipe dreams or "six pack induced ideas" (hat tip Blackbeard) they could happen..if those Double "T" elves deliver the mushroom lollipops as requested..

Stat for 2012 Div 1 teams

The esteemed Opposition's take on whats going to happen

Texas Tech Red Raiders stats href="/sports_data/schedule">Texas Tech Red Raiders roster

1. Michael Brewer throws for a shade under 5500 yards, 45 TDs and 9 picks in his first campaign as a starter, rushes for 297 yards and 8 TDs. He's sacked 7 times in 13 games. His back ups throw 7 TD's. Back up QB's and obliviously from today's discussion most expect Mr. Webb to fulfill this role in 2013.

2. The official Numbers at the wire for Tech 2012 season and its opponents was: SCORING Raiders = 487 Opp. = 413 Points Per Game; 37.5 points averaged per game our opponents averaged 31.8. Tech outstrips this by factor of 2 and drops points allowed per game to under 28 per outing.

The official sites cumulative and exhaustive statistics

3. Sadale Foster's rushing and run after catch efforts adds in 750 yards and 9 TD's, his specialty emerges as the shovel pass demon..gashing folks 2 or 3 times a game for 20 plus yards. Usually in 2nd and long situations. He handily cracks Big 12 2nd team with the Bowl Game production added in.

4. No Big 12 defensive coordinator figures out Jace Amaro so they just try to hold or trip or delay him .. his presence on the field is worth 3 penalties against our opponents good for nearly 80 yards a game. In fact the Red Zone Brewer to Jace strikes become so automatic our opponents start onside kicking in desperation by the 3rd period.

5. The Raider defensive front seven 2 deep is surprisingly effective against the Big12 O lines: Kerry Hyder garners 15 sacks, 4 x PBU's and 30 QB hurries. He picks up the Outland Trophy, First Team Big 12 and All American honors enroute to being a 2nd round draft choice to the Dolphins. Pete Robertson / Terrance Bullit / Dartwan Bush combine for 43.5 tackles for a loss(TFL's).

6. Monsignor Bruce Jones has 8 Interceptions and 17 PBU's, The Kick cover teams blocks 5 extra points, 2 x punts and 6 x FG's over the course of the season. They also knock 6 critical punt or kick returns loose and recover 3 of them

7. His wingman Tre Porter breaks up 11 passes and garners 2 interceptions both in the End Zone to erase scores.

8. Demetrius Campbell secures Big 12 New Comer of the year playing almost exclusively on passing downs and displaying a scary penchant for tipping passes i.e. PBU at the line of scrimmage. His team nickname is Tree Top Lover. When the season ends he has averaged 2.5 per game. Blake Dees and Will Smith combine for 140 tackles and 30 TFL's and 5 interceptions. The LB corps and defensive down linemen combine to allow the front 7 to strip the ball loose 44 times and Tech recovers 23 of them. Defense scoops and scores twice.

9. RBs combine for 2500 yards as a position group: Ind stats- Deandre Washington rushes for 590 yards has 35 catches out of the backfield and scores 6 TDs, Kenny Williams amasses 899 yards and 5 TDs'; Quinton White and Tyler Middleton add in rushes for 250 yards and 9 TD's combined. Tech matches 2012 aTm in speed of play calling and leads the Big 12 with 91.5 offensive plays averaged per game. Repetition and simplicity combined with QB freedom to check over matches every defense except OU and UT.

The take away stats

10. Pete Robertson is stunningly catastrophic for opposing QB's as he averages 1.15 sacks per game. WR Jordan Davis averages 29.5 yards per punt return. Good for 4th nationally. The Tech punt coverage team is able to limit returns to under 10 yards per kick for the 3 games played.

11. Kramer Fyfe belts 93 % of his kicks out the back of the end zone, Ryan Exrleben only punts 17 times in 13 games and Ryan Bustin kicks 89 extra points without a miss. He also kicks 7 FG's with 1 missed from 61 yards. out. Jakeem Grant score 5 TD's on kick returns. He averages 33 yards per kick return. Tech averages under 4 penalties per game for 40 yards subtracted per outing. Tech secures the Biletinikof Award with a 12 catch 3 TD effort versus Texas in Austin by Eric Ward: Over the course of the regular season Ward catches 105 passes and 17 of Brewers tosses for TD's, Amaro gets 85 receptions and 11 scores. Sean Corker & Jordan Davis emerge as the Raiders First Down machine the go to possession receivers in Kliffs scheme. 49 of their 63 catches are for First downs.

12. The dust settles: For those who are math challenged that's 89 scores by the offense, 5 by Special Teams and 2 by the defense. With FG's that's 644 points scored by your Red Raiders.

13. It includes 36 take aways (26 fumble recoveries and 10 interceptions) and with only 17 punts or 1.075 per game indicating a very low 3 and out or fourth down conversion failure rate. Tech finally gets into plus territory on the possession erased ledger i.e. taking scoring opportunities from opponents by getting the ball back without allowing an opponent's kick off. (read score) That type of effort would put Tech on pace to be the 3rd most prolific college offensive production in D1 /BCS History scoring 118 times or 687 points (check this) surpassed only by the 1979 Miami and 2003 USC teams? I think.. (need help here fellow bloggers NCAA stats are fuzzy) Tech books 1189 offensive snaps in 13 games. Kliff Kingsbury edges Bob Stoops for the Big 12 Coach of the year. Sonny Cumbie gets the Broyles Award as the nation's best Assistant Coach.

Top Assistant Coach in the Nation

Texas Tech Red Raiders roster

Stats for Tech

Vote in the poll for the end of season accolades and honors.

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