Red Raider Gridiron | Defensive Backs Preview; SMU Game Week

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The official site previews the defensive backs. The players discuss the phrase "Ride Together". Kingsbury and Ismail at the Knights of Columbus kickoff dinner.

Hello everyone.  It's game week.  A bit of bad news to start off with, which is that Graham Harrell, Baron Batch, Deveric Gallington and Seth Doege all were cut from their respective NFL teams. I hope they can catch on somewhere if this is what they want.

1.  Defensive Backs Preview | The official site has their preview of the defensive backs and the accompanying video:

2.  Official Site Game Notes | The official site has their game notes for the week.  There's nothing new in the notes.  No depth chart or anything like that.  I think I read somewhere that there would be no depth chart released on a weekly basis, just one depth chart released after the SMU game.

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3.  Knights of Columbus Event | Per the LAJ, head coach Kliff Kingsbury and Rocket Ismail spoke at this year's Knight's of Columbus dinner.  The article notes that Ismail was fantastic speaking. Here's a bit from Kingsbury:

"We’ve had an incredible camp," Kingsbury said. "Some of these seniors have had three different head coaches. All of them have had two different head coaches. They didn’t sign up to play for me, so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate their effort. The way they’ve bought into our culture, our structure, the way we run things, it means the world to us."

4. Ride Together | You can see this phrase pretty much everywhere, on the twizzle tweet and things like that especially after Kingsbury was hired and things didn't see so together for so many years, but the LAJ writes a story about the phrase. I think I like C Jared Kaster's answer the best, but they're all good:

"When that whole thing went down with the former coaches and whatnot, all the players were like ‘What’s going on,’" sophomore offensive lineman Jared Kaster said. "We have no one but ourselves. We aren’t playing for the guy on the back of our jersey. We’re playing for what’s on our front. We all just kind of stood together. I’m going to ride for you, I’m going to die for you. It means a lot not just for me but for everybody. It’s a symbol of who we are and what we want to accomplish as a team."

5. Tough Practice | The LAJ also has a bit about how tough they go at it during practice.

6. Would You Like Another Article About Kingsbury and Swagger? The Odessa American has a bit about Kingsbury and bringing swagger back and stuff.  I do like Adam Zuvanich, the guy that wrote the article, he worked at the LAJ for a while and I think he's a good guy.

7. Key Players | The DMN has a bit about the key players for the SMU game.

More from Viva The Matadors:

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