VTM vs. Wikipedia: An Update

Wikipedia hates you like Ubben

Wikipedia is supposed to be a place for the people to get information, but we discovered that pleasing Wikipedia is hard. Real hard.

Many thanks to VTMer hawkspur for cleaning up our original effort on Wikipedia and making it more palatable for the Wiki Man.  However, our page is still likely to get deleted.  So just in case, I'm documenting everything here for posterity.

Here was my original submission.  The cleaned up version is much more professional, but this submission had some very important facts that had to be removed to please the Wiki Man.



You can see larger versions here and here

We paid homage to some very famous readers and mentioned all the things we've invented and how we've changed society for the better.  We also pointed out that everybody in Lubbock got pregnant and/or wasted the night that Kliff was hired and I'd like to see the Wiki Man prove that is inaccurate.

Feeling a little frustrated last night after getting hit in the face with all the Wiki flags, I had a few beers and tried to start a Twitter war.  Its my theory that Toby went to work for  Wiki after The Office went off the air and he's just out to bust your balls like always.

No response.

No response.  So I went after Spanish Wiki.


So I decided if the Wiki Man is going to kill all our dreams about being on Wikipedia, we'll just have to start our own version.  Fun Wiki is an available web domain name so as soon as I round up $299 we'll be ready to launch.

We'll model FunWiki after gazoodle, (hat tip TTUSOL14) which is the fun version of google.  For example, when you gazoodle "Viva The Matadors" this is what you get:


And then this:


If you have a minute, check out our page on Wikipizzle.  It's charming.

We'll keep fighting to keep our young Wiki page alive, but if they come in and kill our dreams, we've got options.

And we know where to find Benjamin Franklin and a cannon, Wiki Man.


We're gonna take this fight to the people.  Please click the link and sign the petition to keep VTM on Wikipedia.  Our little site deserves to be on Wikipedia.  We're gonna be on Wikipedia.

All we need is 10,000,000 signatures so tell your friends.

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