Possible Red Raiders 8/20

Hey y'all. Just moved into Lubbock on Sunday, enjoying campus life and all the free stuff to do around campus (nothing is better than free stuff). From ice cream, t-shirts, and best of all, 99 cent steaks, it's been a real enjoyable time. If anyone is on campus and ever wants to discuss Texas Tech football, basketball or just hang out, you can always message me. I'll see if I can. Now to recruits.

Drew Sarvary - OT (Tyler JUCO, Tyler, TX)

Measurables - 6'6", 295 lbs, Offensive Tackle & Guard, NR by 247 / NR by ESPN / NR by Rivals

Drew was a recruit from the 2012 season, and ended up picking Florida A&M, As apparent on his Hudl, he went to Florida A&M and the transferred to Tyler Juco, maybe for a shot at a bigger program. However, while at Florida A&M, h e did play Oklahoma, and actually did pretty well against them. Guys weren't able to get off his block to get to the running back. The kid is tall and strong, making him an ideal position to be a tackle at the D1 level. What I liked about his film, is his ability to keep the defensive player in front of him, and not moving about trying to dig his way into the backfield. The only downside I see from all of this is that his speed isn't exactly very good. I've seen ranges from 5.2 to 5.6 40s. He's from the same school as Will Coleman, who also is interested in Tech, but has not committed yet. His other offers are from North Texas and Memphis.

Christian Britt - ILB (Ingleside HS, Ingleside, TX)

Measurables - 6'2", 215 lbs, Inside Linebacker, 77 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.3 by rivals

This recruit is not getting a lot of attention, and ESPN doesn't even know who he is, but I believe this kid wouldn't be a bad pick-up. Britt is fast, athletic, and has a tall frame. He can run down running backs and wide outs while delivering a hard hit in the process. I'm not really sure why he is ranked so low, maybe his strength isn't there or it's something else that I am not seeing. Tech hasn't offered this kid yet, which his only offers coming from North Texas and UTSA. I don't know if we'll ever offer him, but it would be interesting if we did.

Here are some more updates:

Tech has offered a bunch of JUCO OL this year, and that list continues. The one most recently caught my eye was Sylvester Townes, who is a whopping 6'8". He has offers from WVU and Kentucky also. I bet Tech at least trys to grab one of these guys before NSD.

Silvester Hayes might be commitng to Tech soon. twitter has side a metroplex DL might commit to Tech soon, which could be a numorous of guys. However, speculation seems to be that it's Hayes based on the fact rivals just put a story up on him. It is behind a paywall, however, so I don't know what they said and not allowed to post it anyway.

Terence Williams is fixing to recruit somewhere within the next week, stating 2 weeks ago that in 3 weeks he would officially decide if he would go to Tech or Baylor (where he is still committed). I don't think Tech really needs another RB, but he could be a great future one with Kenny and maybe Middleton leaving in 2 years. If he doesn't play there, WR isn't a bad choice and I could also see him as a DB somewhere possibly.

Jah'Shawn Johnson is trying to recruit players from his High School to Tech, including Terence Williams from above, and 2015 DE James Lockhart. I like the way Tech is recruiting for the 2015 class so far, getting attention from 2015 athletes across the nation (so much where the #1 ath tweeted "waiting for Texas Tech to offer me").

Corey Avery is leaning towards Tech, with 247 listing him as warmer and rivals stating an ATH from Dallas might commit soon. He is another running back, although he is listed as an ATH also, so we'll see where that goes. He offer list is ridiculous. Probably the best out of all the recruits we have. Just to name a few: Ohio State, LSU and Nebraska, with Alabama and USC looking at him.

Daniel Wise was finally rated by 247, and his rating is an 86. Higher than I expected, which is a good thing. Hopefully Tech can wrap up on him as well.

Brian Peavy has yet to commit to Tech yet, even though he looked like he might do so 2 months ago. He is said to be waiting to see what else comes to the table, keeping his options open. He went to a Texas and Okie Lite camp, so maybe he's waiting for an offer from them.

Dakota Allen committed to Texas Tech Friday night, and I'm glad we finally have a LB in this class. He is one of our higher rated recruits and picked Tech because of our young coaching staff, which is really making up for experience right now. Just imagine how good we can be when our staff has a good year under our belt....

Also I will be trying out twitter and getting out updates when I can on recruits, so if anyone wants to start following me, my twitter is Michael_LaB. I won't be actively doing so at first, but I will get more and more into it.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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