Kingsbury Says Game Time Decision to Name Texas Tech Starting Quarterback

Quarterback Taylor Potts #12 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders drops back to pass against the Texas Longhorns at Jones AT&T Stadium on September 18 2010 in Lubbock Texas. - Ronald Martinez

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that who would start at quarterback against SMU would be a game-time decision.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury finally talked to the media (I'm typing that sarcastically), per the LAJ and Kingsbury affirmed that QB Michael Brewer has aggravated his back and that the decision on who will play quarterback will be a game time decision:

"It’ll be a game-time decision now," he said. "We’ll let them play it out these next few weeks and go from there."

Also in that LAJ article is the note from RB DeAndre Washington who is more definitive about a freshman absolutely starting in two weeks from today:

"Whoever it is, you know we’re going to have a freshman at quarterback," running back DeAndre Washington said, "so we’re looking forward to taking some pressure off of him. Being able to help him out with his blocking, running, just anything we can to make the transition easier for him. I feel like we’ll be good to go with either guy."

The freshmen quarterbacks that Kingsbury will choose from are Prosper's Davis Webb and Lake Travis' Baker Mayfield. Mayfield is an interesting story because he's a preferred walk-on that has apparently risen to at least be competing for the starting nod. Kingsbury counts Texas Tech as lucky to have Mayfield on the roster:

"We went after him hard," Kingsbury said. "When I was at the University of Houston, I recruited him as a sophomore. Coach Morris offered him at Washington State. He kind of got left out there at the end, but we knew he was a scholarship-type player, so we’re excited that he’s here obviously."

As an aside, SARR and I worked on a post that briefly appeared and it was totally awesome. The post was initially scheduled to post at 11:00 am, but after he and I emailed, we felt that we should un-schedule it just in case the news didn't break right at 11:00 am and we were trying to be careful. So I un-scheduled it and SARR un-scheduled it three times. This was obviously the post that would not die and it gave both SARR and I the middle finger the entire way it was being deleted. Even then, the post was pretty much accurate in that it looks like a freshman quarterback will start. The best line that I won't be able to replicate was something along the lines that it might not be an ideal situation, at least Tuberville isn't hanging around and burning the shit out of some sausages and calling it barbeque.


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