Possible Red Raiders 8/13

I haven't done much recruiting info since I was in Houston last weekend. I went with a few friends to see my hometown Rangers play the Astros (even though my favorite team is the Red Sox) on Saturday and Monday, while also touring Houston. My 2nd choice other than Texas Tech was the University of Houston, but I decided to go to Tech before even visiting Houston, and I'm glad I did. No disrespect to anyone, but I don't think that I could live in Houston while going to college, just seems too dirty and run-down. However, the museum district is nice and the ballpark is phenomenal, so I had a good time. Here are some updates (including my basketball ones):

D'Angelo Allen - SF (Kimball HS, Dallas, TX)

Measurables - 6'7", 185 lbs, Small Foward, 88 by 247 / 83 by ESPN / 3-star by Rivals

Only 247sports has us recruiting Allen (I don't know whats up there), but I bet we are due to the fact we recruited, and almost got, his teammate in Keith Frazier. The video on the 247 site is from his sophomore year, and this link is from his junior year. The kid is pretty good dunker (not outstanding, but this isn't a slam dunk contest), and overall a good player when it comes to getting baskets in the paint. What interest me the most is the awareness and defensive skills. Multiple times did I see Allen pressure the ball handler and block shots, along with rebounding in the paint and making crucial passes when guys were wide open down low. I hope that Tubby is going after this guy, considering that Tech really lacks a true small forward in my opinion. Other schools like OU, Marquette and Georgetown are also in the mix for this kid.

Justin Gray - SG (Berkeley Prep, Tampa Bay, FL)

Measurables - 6'4", 180 lbs, Shooting Guard, 85 by 247 / 70 by ESPN / NR by Rivals

The offer list from Gray is interesting, while no basketball powerhouses have any real interest in him, he has offers from Harvard and Stanford. That means that not only can he ball, but also got from brains to go along with it, which is always important when your a basketball player, and even more so when your a guard. His film suggest that he is a paint scorer with is Wade type moves to get to the rim. However, that may just be because of his competition, you never know with basketball players. He has a few shots on his tape, but not enough for me to feel confident to say he can shoot the ball. Anyway, this would be a good pick-up for Tech if we can snatch him up.

Omega Harris - PG (Putnam City West HS, OKC, OK)

Measurables - 6'2", 170 lbs, Point Guard, NR by 247/ 77 by ESPN / NR by Rivals

Although 247 and Rivals haven't rated him, ESPN gave him a high 3-star recruit. A lot of schools have offers for him, most noticeably OU and Fresno State. I like PGs for basketball similar to DBs for football, so I always get excited when Tech is going after a PG, and this dude's a point guard. He has great handles and awareness of whats around him, giving him an opportunity a lot of times to get a clear shot at the rim or force someone else to be open that he can casually or impressively dump the ball to. Plus is also helps that he has a wide perimeter, so he has to be guarded at the 3-point line. Like most Dbs for football, he also has a knack for the ball, countless times stealing the ball or grabbing a loose ball after a bad pass or missed shot . It looks like we are in the running for this kid, and I hope Tubby prosues him enough to make him commit.

Here are some other updates:

Tech's biggest recruit in KD Cannon committed to Baylor, and I;m really surprised considering that he was leaning heavily towards them. I'm not sure if Cannon is completely committed, but I think he is due to his constant visiting to Baylor and the fact it's close to home and I have a feeling he's a momma's boy. Congrats to KD, and best of luck to you when your not getting beat by us.

Nick Kurtz also committed to BYU, which was a complete shocker to me, thinking that Tech had almost wrapped him up. He visited BYU back in June and just got back from a Tech visit on August 2nd, so I thought he would commit to us soon, but apparently I was wrong. We have Dillard in this class though and Cantrell in last class, so a tall receiver isn't a major need.

Shattle Fenteng committed to Georgia over the weekend also. This weekend was just not a good one for Tech, seeing our top 3 recruits commit elsewhere, but with the amount of 4-star athletes interested in Tech next year, we should be much better off sooner than later.

But we may get a 4-star recruit this year, and even better, steal one from Baylor. After Jah'Shawn Johnson (gotta love them DBs) committed, he suggested that fellow Ennis teammate Ternece Williams might decommit from Baylor and switch over to the good guys. He is a RB, which would only help that position. I don't know if we will even have the time for all these guys to play.

Remember that one of the few LB recruits in Dakota Allen left is committing somewhere one Friday. His final four choices will be TCU, Kansas State, OU and Tech. My money is on K-State, but you never know. If we don't get this guy, Silvester Hayes is another option, who plays both DE and OLB, but hasn't made any news really all summer.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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