Wednesday Morning Links on VTM | Kingsbury "Stop recruiting these beasts up front and we won't run as many plays."

Michal Kwiatkowski of Poland riding for Omega Pharma-Quick Step takes to the podium as he earned the best young rider's white jersey in stage three of the 2013 Tour de France, a 145.5KM road stage from Ajaccio to Calvi, on July 1, 2013 in Calvi, Fran - Doug Pensinger

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury tells coaches that want to slow down the game to stop recruiting beasts. Kingsbury also sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss the season.

1. Kingsbury Tells Coaches to Stop Recruiting Beasts | Yesterday head football coach Kliff Kingsbury spent the day in New York visiting with the Associated Press and making an appearance at the Sports Illustrated studios. While doing the AP interview, Kingsbury was asked about coaches like Alabama's head coach Nick Saban and Arkansas head coach Brett Bielema stating that the offenses need to slow down because of the potential of increase injuries. Kingsbury makes it pretty clear that this is just coaches attempting to gain a competitive balance against fast-paced offenses (emphasis mine):

"I would have to see some scientific or statistical information showing an increase in injuries, because to me right now it's just talk," Kingsbury told The Associated Press in an interview at a Manhattan hotel. "You want me to play slower, well, OK, you need to get smaller, less strong defensive linemen. To me, it's asking to do that.

"Stop recruiting these beasts up front and we won't run as many plays."

I also thought it was interesting that Kingsbury was very much conceding that the defense is going to give up lots of yards. It is the nature of the Big 12, but wants the defense to focus on these things:

"We're big on being great in the red zone, holding people to field goals and creating turnovers. I think the yards are going to be up there. It's just the way the game is set up these days."

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2. SI Interview | SI sat down with Kingsbury and he talked about all sorts of things. Give it a listen:

3. RIP Joey Fowler | Joey Fowler was a commit in the 2008 that just never panned out. I think he stuck around for a year while redshirting and then he was no longer on the team. Fowler then started a reggae band and started using the name "Joey Stone". He was found dead in his home and was only 24.

4. Harrell is Stronger | The Green Bay Press Gazette writes about how former Red Raider Graham Harrell is getting stronger and competing for that backup position with the Packers:

"As a backup, you really get more reps now than you get anytime else," Harrell said. "I think that’s one of the biggest things and I feel more comfortable now than I’ve ever felt, knowing the protection, pretty much the O-line calls and feeling good with protections, because routes when you play quarterback at some point you check defenses similar ways no matter what system you’re in."

5. Crabtree Resumes Workouts | Good on another former Red Raider, Michael Crabtree, who has resumed working out after tearing his Achilles.

6. Week 4 Predictions | ESPN's Ubben hates you, but not enough to predict that Texas Tech loses to Texas St. in week 4.

7. Interactive Map of the Battle of Gettysburg | The Smithsonian has a neat interactive map of the battle of Gettysburg. I don't know about the rest of you, but I almost always have to see this sort of thing visually to understand what happened.

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