Possible Red Raiders: Week of 7/22

The football season finally starts in a month (about damn time), and recruits are going to really start paying attention. Some recrutis are already ready to commit, while others are still very early in the process. Here's a list of recruits intrested in Tech, and an update on some older ones.

Brian Peavy - DB - Westfield HS (Houston, TX)

Measurables - 5'9", 170 lbs, Cornerback, 86 by 247sports / 5.4 by rivals / NR by ESPN

There isn't really a lot of film on this guy, only the interception I found on hudl. Other colleges have looked at him (Texas, Okie Lite and 'Bama), but none have yet to offer him a scholarship. In fact, Texas Tech seems to be the only school to have done so. He went to the Cy-Ridge Texas Tech camp eariler in the month and is looking to commit soon. The expectation is to be Texas Tech

WIll Coleman - DE - Tyler CC (Tyler, TX)

Measurables - 6'5", 250 lbs, Weak Side Defensive End, 88 by 247sports / 5.6 by rivals

WIll dominated the JUCO level, constantly getting past the linemen and getting the tackle. Although he's only 250 lbs, his frame is big and has room to beef up. His film is impressive, and his list of teams going after him is aren't too shabby (Auburn, Tennesse, Kentucky). He's a hard hitter, runs down the ball, and I think he could really work in Tech's system. Coleman is visiting Texas Tech soon and has listed Tech as a favorite. Wouldn't be surprised if Coleman commits to Tech before the season starts.

Joseph Clark - DB - Chapel Hill HS (Tyler, TX)

Measurables - 5'9", 180 lbs, Safety, NR by 247sports / 5.3 by rivals / 70 by ESPN

For a guy that isn't rated, this guy is one hell of a football player. His film really impressed me with his closing speed on the ball and the punishing hits he forces on people. Even his RB film is impressive, with crazy cuts and breaks up the field. He reminds me a lot of an underrated Derrick Dixon (which signed with Tech earlier this month) with his play making skills. Clark is going to have a chip on this shoulder going into college and I believe that it will show on the field. Air Force, Texas State, and McNeese State (Who the hell are they?) are also going after Clark. He's leaning towards the Red Raiders, and hopefully picks them

Recruiting Updates:

Ty Barrett is going to make his decision on August 3rd (12 days from now). He listed OU as in favorite back in June, but a lot has changed since them. 247sports scouts are predicting lately that he is going to go to Ole Miss (who is stealing a lot of Texas recruits), but Texas Tech has an advantage in which we have a friend and teammate of his, Derrick Dixon. Sounds like he's going to go to Ole Miss, but I'm hoping it's Tech.

KD Cannon talked to SBNation earlier this month at the Baylor camp (ewww). He said he was going to shorten his list down before the summer (probably to five teams), his decision will be late, he like Baylor for their successful receivers (Kendall Wright > Welker + Crabtree + Amendola. Really?), and his mom prefers he goes to Baylor (ewww again). Signs point to Baylor, but ain't over til it's over (we know something about that).

Shattle Fenteng is close is making his decision also, and although Ole Miss looks to be the leader, Texas Tech still has a good shot at the kid. Look out for him.

Nick Kurtz has a new interest from Oregon, and will visit Oregon in two weeks. With the location and height of the program there, I think Oregon may wrap up on him.

Anthony Olobia has named Texas Tech his leader. Looks a lot like Coleman with his JUCO status, size and rating. I haven't looked at the kid yet, but plan too soon. I would definitely look at this kid in the near future.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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