Twitter Mashup: The Mark May Edition

Rickey gets frustrated with Mark May but Rickey don't care. - USA TODAY Sports

Because it's the middle of the summer and football doesn't start for another six weeks, lets imagine Mark May lands a new, high-profile talk show with ESPN. He wants Rickey Henderson to co-host, so he finds Rickey on Twitter. It's not Rickey.

Mark May was an All-American offensive lineman at the University of Pittsburg and later played 13 seasons in the NFL, mostly (and most famously) with the Washington Redskins. He was a member of the "Hogs" with the Redskins and and helped the franchise win 2 Super Bowls.

However, most people only know him as the clown that argues with Lou Holtz on ESPN, late at night in some sort of courtroom setting. Obviously his image needs a tweak.

So the Mother Ship wants to try something different. They want Mark to host a weekly talk show about any topic under the sun, modeled after The View. Mark will have two new partners: A person that he believes is Hall of Fame outfielder Rickey Henderson and a guy named Paranoid Jimmy (James). To give the show an international flair, there might be an occasional cameo from a chubby Australian swimmer.

Due to budget restraints, this exciting new trio (and all cameos) will host their kitchen table discussions exclusively on Twitter. Here's what that might look like.

Mark starts the show:

Rickey throws him off:

Mark tries to regain his composure:

Rickey disagrees:

Mark tries to clarify:

Jimmy James reluctantly makes his debut and is real awkward:

Rickey gets provocative, trying to win viewers:

Which makes Jimmy James really nervous:

Mark and Rickey butt heads again:

Jimmy James breaks the tension in his weird way:

Rickey goes bat shit crazy because he wants to win the 18-34 demo:

Jimmy James is still nervous:

Rickey tries to draw him back:

Mark can't get out of his own way:

Rickey changes the subject:

Mark has obviously been drinking heavily:

They make up:

And Jimmy James brings it back to awkward:

Rickey knows how to handle this. ALL CAPS:

And Rickey changes it up again:

Then the conversation turns to cars:

Rickey discusses philosophy:

And Mark finally wraps it up:

But Rickey always gets the last word:

And just before the show ends we finally get some international flair:

But Rickey always gets the last word:

Outstanding show guys. Can't wait to Mash it up again next week.

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